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Comment Re:$3600 ship (Score 5, Informative) 398

Technically he didn't jump to enemy controlled territory but to an area that isn't strictly controlled by players. From what I read the idea was to drop some big guns on top of a handful of enemies in a "neutral" system, a couple of enemies that were pleasantly surprised when instead of a sizable fleet they got a juicy target.

Then everybody called in reinforcements plus the locals also wanted to join the party.

Comment Re:"would"? (Score 1) 347

OK, looks like someone did no resaerch. Linux is actually officially supported on a considerable number of Thinkpads. So, they're certainly nolaptop with one of those awful mac-like toy keyboards.t Windowa only.

I was actually talking about the ability to buy the laptop without buying Windows along with it -- I haven't been able to find any such offers with current Thinkpads.

Did you actually try the keyboard, or did you merely assume that the style of the keycaps tells you about what's underneath them?

Admittedly I haven't tried it, I have used other similar keyboards though and I find the spacing between the keys to be highly irritating (and utterly pointless), regardless of what's underneath.

Comment "would"? (Score 1) 347

would be unhappy if Lenovo decided to sacrifice build quality for coolness

Hmm I'm not quite sure where you've been living but that has already happened. I just bought my first non-Thinkpad in well over a decade because I don't see a reason for the Thinkpad other than nostalgia -- these days it's just another random wide-screen, windows-only laptop with one of those awful mac-like toy keyboards. I'll be back once they release something like the X80, a nice compact 12" laptop with a 4:3 display and a proper keyboard.

Comment Re:can't we all just agree, (Score 1) 103

The difference is that if you're a (proper) democracy there might be a way to make a referendum. This tends to make politicians behave a little less like complete douchebags and sort-of forces them to take the people's opinion into consideration even after the elections.

But then, of course they'll just be "protecting" you, the country and the children from all those horrible thing on the interwebs so maybe it really doesn't make much of a difference.

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