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Comment Re:can't we all just agree, (Score 1) 103

The difference is that if you're a (proper) democracy there might be a way to make a referendum. This tends to make politicians behave a little less like complete douchebags and sort-of forces them to take the people's opinion into consideration even after the elections.

But then, of course they'll just be "protecting" you, the country and the children from all those horrible thing on the interwebs so maybe it really doesn't make much of a difference.

Comment Re:The community failed on ATi (Score 1) 497

Seeing is believing. You see it working fine, so you believe it. I see flickering, tearing, a Unity 3D desktop that regularly explodes into shards, and occasional hard lockups, so I believe that. Installing the ATI binary driver solves my problem.

"pretty damn good" doesn't mean "free of bugs" and compared to the binary ATi driver it works significantly better (at least for me), supports all the latest fancy stuff (KMS etc.) and generally just does its job without needing special attention – pretty much what I'd expect from a driver. That there are issues is unfortunate but happens to any piece of software (I still occasionally get a corrupted mouse pointer).

The "works for me, you must be doing something wrong" attitude prevalent in open source gets tiring pretty fast, by the way.

Which I said where exactly? Loving the attitude, btw.

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