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Comment I'm waiting (Score 1) 888

that's exactly where humanity should aim for....I don't understand why people sees it as some kind of Utopian dream. so where do we set the bar? mega-corporations shit and police state you like that better? Cos I don't. Work can be superfluous, people can spend their lifes learning skills and knowledge just because they like it. Others will find continuous work still interesting and appealing and I think most will do in fact, given that works will exclude the robot-able ones and the pointless destructive money-making scams.. You will still have private property and all that , of course.... It's all about spreading resources and understanding that someone else does not have more power just because his daddy has an oil corporation... We are born on the same planet, with same rights and same share of natural resources. Accumulation of wealth by some specific individuals is the worst crap that can happen...and leads to the worst behaviors and unbalances. I hope to see just the hint of this change during my lifetime... else we'll just be another shit race in a once-beautiful planet that we turned to shit as well with our nice 'live to work to make someone else rich and to buy the items we need to go to work' excellent... but I want to believe a change is possible...

NASA Now Accepting Applications From Companies That Want To Mine the Moon 251

cold fjord writes "The Verge reports, "NASA is now working with private companies to take the first steps in exploring the moon for valuable resources like helium 3 and rare earth metals. Initial proposals are due tomorrow for the Lunar Cargo Transportation and Landing by Soft Touchdown program (CATALYST). One or more private companies will win a contract to build prospecting robots, the first step toward mining the moon. Final proposals are due on March 17th, 2014. NASA has not said when it will announce the winner."

Comment in civilized countries... (Score 1) 321

study is a right, from start to your PhD , at most you pay for the books and a nominal fee (i.e 500 euro/year if your finances/family permits else it's free). Paying tens of thousands or getting debts before you even start working is simply barbaric and the heritage of a classist society. But you know sheeple are good for the ones who controls....

Comment typically (Score 1) 161

this tech will remain unexplored and unfinished for the next 100 years, when lifespan will have reverted back to mid 30' due to total pollution... nice...between magmatech and solar we could solve all probs, right here right now.... but no...head in the ass and keep marching...

Submission + - NASA sued for failing to examine alien life on Mars. (

Mr_Nitro writes: NASA sued for failing to examine alien life on Mars.
Scientist has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court Northern District of California claiming the white rock was a living thing and is seeking an order forcing NASA and its Administrator, Charles Boulden, to investigate the rock more diligently.


Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria That Can Colonize Most Plants Discovered 187

Zothecula writes "Synthetic crop fertilizers are a huge source of pollution. This is particularly true when they're washed from fields (or leach out of them) and enter our waterways. Unfortunately, most commercial crops need the fertilizer, because it provides the nitrogen that they require to survive. Now, however, a scientist at the University of Nottingham has developed what he claims is an environmentally-friendly process, that allows virtually any type of plant to obtain naturally-occurring nitrogen directly from the atmosphere." The process involves injecting a bacteria that colonizes the plant and fixes atmospheric nitrogen in exchange for a bit of sugar, similar to soybeans. Only this bacteria will readily colonize most any plant.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 770

totally agree... some people would be shocked to know their 'children' could pop in any bookstore and buy de sade complete works..(at least here in europe, maybe in usa that's blacklisted already). Also in most serious (imo) legislation there's a strong distinction between pedophilia and underage sex. (0-12, 12-18) with the latter being illegal only if parents complain (something went wrong/forced etc). What I also find completely idiotic is to being unable to accept the fact that a teenager has a developed sexuality (after all in case of near mass extinction you would be grateful you can reproduce as soon as your partner has her period) but the classic religious-castrated western worldview just go tribal-brain over any sex related matter....

Anti-Government Hackers Hit Jay-Z's Android App 95

judgecorp writes "Jay-Z's Android app has been hit by hackers who created a clone of the software. The app was supposed to deliver a copy of the rapper's single and provide footage and other goodies. The rogue app is a ringer for the real one, but has a time-based trigger to deliver anti-Government propaganda on 4 July. The app, and its service name NSAListener, appears to suggest be a protest against U.S. surveillance."

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