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Comment veracrypt anyone? (Score 1) 566 with reinforced rounds... not best solution if codebase was compromised since the beginning...but still.... interesting to see if they will be taken down too... but as someone above said, I would rather not trust US based software too much anymore.... too many weak spots.... unfortunately... hope it changes... peace

Comment wow2 (Score 1) 1198

this thread spawn the best and brightest slashdotters indeed...... exactly when a military 'on duty' stops being a murderer in the eyes of victim's family members ? why is that alright? We totally condone murderers in so many situations, I say that the sole judge of the extent of the punishment should be the victim's closest family alone whenever it's possible.... Personally I would favor an incarceration only system.... death penalty is just some dark ages religious shit we should overcome asap....

Comment bah (Score 1) 59

it is a relatively weak news but nonetheless it's sad to see how people cannot accept the fact that a lot if not all the greatest scientists, inventors and innovators had a rather mystical and deeply philosophical side in their lives... that side to side to rigorous mathematical papers there were much more 'unscientific' studies... it's the human attraction for what is hidden and mysterious that always lives in the minds of explorers and scientists are first and foremost explorers.... we are creating a simplistic view of science through washed out propaganda and childish mottos.... sometimes so-called geeks should read more carefully the biographies of the giants on whom shoulders they stand...

Comment hmmm really.... (Score 2) 172

the whole solar system is covered with asteroid collisions..... shouldn't take a damn genius to get it's a real possibility to be hit by something a little too big to go unnoticed.... and the best solution ,as dear C.Sagan said, is to become a spacefaring race...the sooner we move our asses to mars (and beyond) the better.... it's our duty as a specie to at least colonize the solar system.... ...when they will stop laughing about it...

Comment ...differences... (Score 1) 798

where I grew up school discipline was plain and simple, u get a discipline note once , twice, third time you have to repeat the whole year even if your exams scores are fine. You keep doing stupid things nonetheless, you get expelled from that school, no if no but. Athletes? No differences at all. And during teaching not a fly moves...always. Actually once we complained to the school principal because we perceived that one teacher had slightly too soft/slacking attitude. That's how it should be imho. School is a place to learn and open your mind, professional multi-millions earning athletes don't bring anyone any benefit except as tv-party hooligans people entertainment.

The Highest-Flying Wind Turbine 143

Daniel_Stuckey writes: "In far-flung rural Alaska, where electricity can cost as much as $1 per kilowatt hour — more than 10 times the national average, according to the New York Times — a wind turbine encased in a giant helium balloon is about to break a world record. The Bouyant Air Turbine (BAT) is about to be floated 1,000 feet into the air in the name of cleaner, cheaper, and mobile energy. That single airborne grouper—it's sort of a hybrid of a blimp, a kite, and a turbine—will power over a dozen homes. The BAT is the brainchild of Altaeros, a company founded by MIT alumni, and, if everything goes according to plan, it's going to be the highest-flying power generator in history. Since winds blow stronger and more consistently the higher above the ground you go, and the hovering BAT harnesses that gale and sends electricity down to earth through the high-strength tethers that also hold the machine steady. "

Gunshot Victims To Be Part of "Suspended Animation" Trials 357

New submitter Budgreen writes: "Knife-wound or gunshot victims will be cooled down and placed in suspended animation later this month. The technique involves replacing all of a patient's blood with a cold saline solution, which rapidly cools the body and stops almost all cellular activity. 'If a patient comes to us two hours after dying you can't bring them back to life. But if they're dying and you suspend them, you have a chance to bring them back after their structural problems have been fixed,' says surgeon Peter Rheeat from the University of Arizona in Tucson, who helped develop the technique. 10 gunshot and stabbing victims will take part in the trials."

Comment A.C Clarke quote (Score 1) 870

"The Goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play" ... 100% agreed. We are in front of a perfectly renewable and balanced dinner table/house (our planet), everything is there , for free, for everyone. Why we do allow some of us to have more and to create unbalance ? why is someone allowed to keep more than what he can enjoy fully? This is the ruin and culprit of all.

Submission + - Vaccine-Autism connection - Lawyer:'' Coming dozens of complaints'' (

Mr_Nitro writes: Italy — The lawyer Luca Ventaloro, an expert in child health law states: "Given the amount of the civil cases, it was inevitable that criminal justice was aware of this potential correlation between the vaccine and autism or other disorders, has now become a national emergency. We have a case of autism in 80 births in healthy children. Born with an high APGAR (newborns viability index) and after vaccinations begin to feel bad. They can no longer deny the evidence.'' They seem pretty strong footed on the connection, commission is all completely made of doctors and experts in the field. Not an excuse for irrational vaccines fears , but an occasion to improve and acknowledge the possible dangers.

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