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Comment HR is a waste of space (Score 1) 241

I totally agree with some of the people here, HR is definitely a waste of 'resources' as they like to say. I would rather hire a freelance engineer or whatever is the specific field and have him select people, much wiser and more pleasant experience than being 'recruited' by some fat ass wanna be important waste of space. EOR

Comment Re:It's very simple, no - really - it is! (Score 1) 580

totally agree!! it's all about thinking....and aprioristic 'truths'.... also the distinction between teenager and child is never enforced enough. In many European countries there's a quite precise distinction between simple sex between teenagers and teenager - adults (mild problem if consensual) and a pedophile , which is determined as anything happening below 12-13 years of age. This should be a pretty basic starting point. Considering also that nature provided a very simple method to determine is someone is ready for sex (and even parenthood), and it's called menstrual period. But we decided to forget everything and setup our tribal/religious set of rules...and anyone just challenging them is considered already half-wrong at least..

Comment ebook forever! (Score 1) 415

Having tried both for long time, I can tell eBooks wins hands down, even better if you get one that can read (or made to read) both MOBI and EPUB formats,on the PDF side , if you read a lot of PDFs with a lot of graphics in it, I would agree that a tablet is better, but given software like Calibre you can convert the more 'textly' pdf to mobi or alike in a decent manner. I find e-ink display superlative compared to tablet-lcd/amoled and the likes, not to mention the incredible battery life can keep reading for weeks...etc. my2cnts

Comment bullshit (Score 1) 897

how this is going to create problems in the balance of things? who the fuck cares what someone writes in some code snippet? is it a big reason to get to the mainstream media? this is just utter crap. Turn on the tv, see someone having their brains exploded by a 'good' sniper, but wait...that's fine... wake fucking up gents.

Comment volunteering (Score 1) 285

I for one would happily volunteer for any kind of missions where there would be 'reasonable' measures of safety, meaning they gave a good thought about it.. that would be ok to me, seriously. On the other side , I won't agree on doing a mission that is not pushing the boundaries of human colonization in space, or testing really extreme concept for starships, etc..of course there could be shades in between. That's it. I think this should be the attitude, you know it's a kind of job that has danger in it, you want to enroll? fine...

Comment nausea (Score 1) 169

I have a complete and absolute disgust for the idea and persons behind the idea that somehow this planet substances be them minerals or byproducts of other biological processes should be banned and/or restricted in some specific point in space and time. We are born equals, we have the right to live and experiment with anything that is available, within the limits of not directly and immediately damaging anyone (no precrime bs). Also it's scaring how these news are scarcely debated and how often the discussion shifts to the more trivial and mundane side. Maybe the system is not 100% effective, maybe it will be dismissed in a while or never start at all but the very idea that something like that was put in place for 'security' (against ourselves....) purposes rather than base research or advanced space programs (dreams now... waiting for the rough awakening by some near extinction event) it's sickening. The truth is we are still under the fist of a very small minority of people.

In Australia, Even Private Facebook Photos Are Public 71

littlekorea writes "Australia's telecommunications regulator has ruled that one of the country's largest broadcasters, Channel 7, did not breach the industry code of conduct by lifting photos of deceased persons and minors from social networking site Facebook. Significantly, the regulator noted that it doesn't have the legal authority to crack down on broadcasters that lift material tagged as 'private,' looking to the Attorney General to provide some legal clarity."

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il Dead at 70 518

As reported by numerous sources, Kim Jong Il has died at the age of 70 (69 by some tallies), after 17 years as the brutal head of North Korea. While the cause of death is uncertain, Bloomberg News says "Kim probably had a stroke in August 2008 and may have also contracted pancreatic cancer, according to South Korean news reports."

Rare Earth Magnets Pose Threat To Children 284

Hugh Pickens writes writes "Many of today's toys contain rare-earth magnets which are much more powerful than the magnets of yesteryear and the magnets pose a serious threat to children when more than one is ingested because as the magnets attract one another they can cause a range of serious injuries, including holes through internal organs, blood poisoning and death (PDF). Braden Eberle, 4, swallowed two tiny magnets from his older brother's construction kit on two successive days last spring and his mother's first reaction was that the magnet would pass through her son's system without a problem. "People swallow pennies of the same size every day," said Jill Eberle. "They're smaller than an eraser." But next morning, with Braden still in pain, the family's doctor told them to go straight to the emergency room where an X-ray revealed two magnets were stuck together. "They were attracted to each other with the wall of each segment they were in stuck together," said Dr. Sanjeev Dutta, the pediatric surgeon at Good Samaritan Hospital who would operate on Braden later that day. "Because they were so powerful, the wall of the intestine was getting squeezed, squeezed, squeezed, and then it just necrosed, or kind of rotted away, and created a hole between the two." The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says at least 33 children have been injured from ingesting magnets (PDF) with a 20 month-old dying, and at least 19 other children requiring surgery."

DoJ Investigates eBook Price Fixing 165

dave562 writes "The U.S. Justice Department's antitrust arm said it was looking into potentially unfair pricing practices by electronic booksellers, joining European regulators and state attorneys general in a widening probe of large U.S. and international e-book publishers. A Justice Department spokeswoman confirmed that the probe involved the possibility of 'anti-competitive practices involving e-book sales.' Attorneys general in Connecticut and, reportedly, Texas, have also begun inquiries into the way electronic booksellers price their wares, and whether companies such as Apple and Amazon have set up pricing practices that are ultimately harmful to consumers."

Osteoporosis Drug Makes Lengthy Space Trips More Tolerable 42

An anonymous reader writes "Japanese researchers have discovered that by taking drugs normally targeted at osteoporosis sufferers they can mitigate the long term effects of weightlessness. This makes it more possible that humans could reasonably fly to Mars land there and be fully functional even after the lengthy journey." JAXA provides much more detail, including interviews with both lead investigator Toshio Matsumoto and Koichi Wakata, the first subject of the experiment.

Comment these ppl should be sent to alaska mining complex. (Score 1) 101

I think this perfectly show the current level of society and human thinking in modern media hype driven society. Bottom low. To blow up a bunch of persons it just take a bunch of persons... no plane, no train... no anything. Wake up... 'terrorists' will just laugh at our self-inflicted useless and sick expensive 'measures' ...And rich pigs with hands into 'security' business and such bullshit will just get richer.... When too much will be too much...I hope it won't be too late as well.

Comment obvious consequence (Score 1) 433

We keep sterilizing and over-cleaning everything in hospitals (ie some UK ones where to enter sections is like entering a military biohazard zone), plus the abuse of antibiotics of course. Proper sterlization should occour just before a surgery, the rest should be treated just like any other public space ,with the exception of case specific illnesses. Not to mention that is the nasty chemicals that will give you a cancer more likely (see the overcleaning and hodgkin lymphoma connection) not a common bio treat, to which we evolved in thousands of years in resistence. Also medical community should start to think about dropping wide spectrum antibiotics in favor of phages viruses, which are a much better specific option to treat specific bacteria at a time, with a basically 100% success rate...

UN Bigwig: The Web Should Have Been Patented and Licensed 411

An anonymous reader writes "Cory Doctorow over at BoingBoing has unearthed an amazing video where the head of WIPO, the UN agency responsible for 'promoting' intellectual property, suggests that Tim Berners-Lee should have patented HTML and licensed it to all users. Amazingly this is done on camera and in front of the head of CERN and the Internet Society, who look on in disbelief."

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