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Comment these ppl should be sent to alaska mining complex. (Score 1) 101

I think this perfectly show the current level of society and human thinking in modern media hype driven society. Bottom low. To blow up a bunch of persons it just take a bunch of persons... no plane, no train... no anything. Wake up... 'terrorists' will just laugh at our self-inflicted useless and sick expensive 'measures' ...And rich pigs with hands into 'security' business and such bullshit will just get richer.... When too much will be too much...I hope it won't be too late as well.

Comment obvious consequence (Score 1) 433

We keep sterilizing and over-cleaning everything in hospitals (ie some UK ones where to enter sections is like entering a military biohazard zone), plus the abuse of antibiotics of course. Proper sterlization should occour just before a surgery, the rest should be treated just like any other public space ,with the exception of case specific illnesses. Not to mention that is the nasty chemicals that will give you a cancer more likely (see the overcleaning and hodgkin lymphoma connection) not a common bio treat, to which we evolved in thousands of years in resistence. Also medical community should start to think about dropping wide spectrum antibiotics in favor of phages viruses, which are a much better specific option to treat specific bacteria at a time, with a basically 100% success rate...

Comment idiots (Score 1) 244

such kind of news should just be banned. They serve a self-feeding stimulus which will create a chain reaction when going to see or use any kind of 3d (please call it stereoscopic) capable hardware. People will feel discomfort for no reasons other than focusing and expecting a non existent problem. It is called the placebo effect as we all know. Also even in the remote possibility that it really cause some discomfort, it is a so mild problem that seeing n hours of 3d content over few months will surely train the majority. It's like saying mountain trekking can lead to severe body stress , all kind of muscle pains and so forth, yes of course, when you do it first time. Please wake up and don't fall into this bullshit.

Comment disgusting (Score 1) 409

There is no argument that hold for this totally fake and wanted war system. After ten years what's new there? absolutely nothing. Same as when the russian were there. They are just burning citizens money and making the riches richer. If NASA or any other organization for serious scientific research would have half of the whole war budget in those countries now we would have amazing technologies unlocked and a surely a big amount of new discoveries in base research. All this just makes me sick... we could have permanent moon facilities..and a mars base...pump 100billion a year for 10 years... and it's sure.

Comment hmmm (Score 1) 470

I keep reading quite childish comments about the 'unknown' Switzerland. Get informed please. I find the exiting statement very interesting and I strongly wish they formalize it with a parliament decision. Nuclear power is clearly not the answer , expecially for such a small country where even a single site failure would compromise the entire nation. They have and will have more hydroelectric power plants and solar, and that's it, same strategy as Germany and Spain. It can be done, and the naysayers are just the politicians and industrials with their hands deep into the nuclear exploitation wealth.

Submission + - Online Guitar Tabs being banned (

Mr_Nitro writes: It seems that recently a number of major online free tabs websites are being filtered with custom per-country blocking ad that reports : "This tablature contains content from a third party publisher and has
been blocked by the Music Publishers Association in your country." is this the end of free music tabs?


Submission + - Stephen Hawking Says Heaven Is a Fairy Tale (

eldavojohn writes: If you have any doubt of his criticism of faith, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has stated that heaven is a fairy tale saying, 'I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.' Hawking has beat the odds for 49 years when his life was estimated to terminate at age 20 from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (although not to ignore some scary moments). Hawking is still facing fallout from his book The Grand Design that has raised concern from religious leaders of all faiths. Hawking has increasingly made politicized remarks saying recently in an interview, 'I believe in universal health care. And I am not afraid to say so.' When queried on the purpose of life, Hawking's answer was simple, 'We should seek the greatest value of our action.'

Comment Re:Poor Article (Score 1) 336

I agree on most things, just one detail tho, how we do consider the approach of a different lifeform 'extraordinary'? it's like bumping into your neighbour, and we 're statistically certain that there are quite some, too. Marking the event of bumping into 'alien technology' as extraordinary is a totally anthropocentric point of view. imho. mrn

Comment just remember (Score 1) 336

that sometimes some people make the 'hoax debunking' a career. It would be funny to put some real equipment in the field and see that 'debunked' as totally fake 2d/3d effect by these 'pros'. I bet there would be so many people with a bitter taste in their mouth. Often reality of facts is the most amazing discovery and it is hardly accepted. (ohh surely we can't be in any way related to those monkeys! can't we??) mrn

Comment reflection... (Score 1) 760

now and then we read articles about new researches that unveil animals behaviour under a more and more humanzied way, we read about their social bonds, new skills, unforseen communication abilities, higher empathy levels, recently, deliberate use of drugs(plants) for 'recreational' purposes. But yet we fail in considering breeding a cow just to shortly after shot a nail in their brain and devour it , as an abomination. We should spend billions (and maybe it's not needed a so great amount) into modifing vegetables so they taste and feel like chicken , and I dont care if it's not 100% the same, we have brains , we can choose. For those of you who think slaughterhouses are nice places and everyone there is playing the good boy, I advice you to google for it.. and watch some videos, if you are worthy living being you will at least agree that the less we kill and eat our fellow animals, the better.. as for the insects, as they usually lack a central brain and their neural system is so relatively simple, I would advise to use them as a transitory solution...

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