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Comment Re:Take That, Capitalists! (Score 1) 205

In the case of Purell, its Triclosan that is an issue.

Maybe they have removed it, maybe not.

On its own its not the worst threat in the environment, but when you add it along with
others the combined threat is pretty bad and would explain the reduction of quality of
health compared to some other nations.

Comment Re:First time? (Score 2) 205

There are other methods like slow sand filter, bio sand filter, and solar disinfection.

Thou with SODIS use glass if you can do to the endocrine disruptors BPA and BPS
being in most plastic bottles.

Comment Re:What I get from this (Score 1) 62

As someone who went to GSM seminars, and AIN for cell networks they can
just follow the tower hand offs.

For awhile ppl could get antennas that glowed when they transmitted, and one
of my co-workers on the SS7 let me know he could watch the tower hand offs
as he moved from "cell zone" to "cell zone".

Comment Re:What I get from this (Score 1) 62

Well he probably was not cooperating with the group that was receiving tax payer
funded weapons from operation fast and furious, and operation gun walker.

It could be worse, he could have ended up like barry seal.

When you know too much about CIA drug running you may end up dead
such as Pat Tillman, thou he did say he was going to go talk to Noam Chomsky, so....

"Despite his fame, Tillman did not want to be used for propaganda purposes. He spoke to friends about his opposition to President Bush and the Iraq war, and he had made an appointment with notable government critic Noam Chomsky for after his return from the military. The destruction of evidence linked to Tillman's death, including his personal journal, led his mother to speculate that he was murdered.[31] General Wesley Clark agreed that it was "very possible".[32][33]"

In the case of Michael Ruppert they let it slide, but did steal his computer.

Surprised Mr. Ruppert is still with us.

Others like Terrance Yeakey left us for other reasons, but by the same ppl.

The secret police is targeting honest citizens folks.

Comment Re:Training is allowed (Score 1) 135

The funny thing is it is just data, and a copy could be exported, setup in a parallel system
to just act as a backup for awhile, confirm it is keeping parity, then do a cutover during a long
holiday and do testing.

If it has issues return to the old system til the issues are worked out.

Its amazing how fear drives some places to hold onto legacy ancient gear.

In 2007 Dell was running on a Tandem mainframe supported by COMPAQ/HP.

And that is totally hilarious with it being Dell.

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