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Names of Advisors Cleared To Access ACTA Documents 186

1 a bee writes "With the White House claiming national security grounds for failing to release ACTA related information, including negotiating documents and even the list of participants, the spotlight is now on just who does have access. Turns out, according to James Love, hundreds of advisers, many of them corporate lobbyists, are considered 'cleared advisers.' The list looks a who's who of captains of industry."
The Military

US Pentagon Plans For a Spy Blimp 374

nloop writes "The Pentagon is intending to develop a new spy ship — a dirigible. At 65,000 feet it would provide a 10 year, solar power based, unblinkingly intricate and continuous view of the surface via radar surveillance. Because of its altitude it would be safe from surface-to-air missiles and most aircraft. A 1/3-scale prototype, now being designed, is 'known as ISIS, for Integrated Sensor Is the Structure, because the radar system will be built into the structure of the ship. ... 'If successful, the dirigible... could pave the way for a fleet of spy airships, military officials said.'"

Comment Re:Sudden Peace? (Score 1) 1067

1. That plan took what was a free, independent state and began carving it up for no reason at all, the Palestinians hadn't run the holocaust.
2. Israel didn't accept the plan either and began carrying out offesive operations in the no man's land.

The Jewish militias continued to make plans for the construction of airfields and carried-out offensive operations, like the one against Deir Yassin, within the area of the proposed UN trusteeship (the Corpus Separatum)


Shorty after that Israel went to war and began expanding beyond any specified boundaries, pushing the palestineans into refugee camps etc.

Comment Re:MOD PARENT UP (Score 1) 1067

I fully echo your sentiment.
It should be noted though, that Arabic cultures are semeitc too. Sadly, the term seems to have been appropriated by Zionists to label all their enemies as nazis in accordance with Godwin's law.
Since you are supporting the basic human rights of the Arabs you are semetic and can't be an anti-semite.

Maybe you could join an anti-treating people like shit organization, I'll join too.

Comment Re:Sudden Peace? (Score 1) 1067

Mod parent up.

BTW, the Israeli assault has resulted in the deaths of 107 children.
I fail to understand how anyone can rationalize such atrocities. The Isreali's have bomb shelters and warning systems in place so deaths are rare. The Gazans have no such shelter and so whole families get killed by American made, Israeli operated warplanes.
More complete death-count comparison here


It's called proportional response, people. Civilized nations use it

You're making quite a few assumptions about the nation/government we're dealing with here.
(read: Israeli government is a mess of religious war-hawks)

The Internet

Submission + - SPAM: Behind the scenes of Internet2

alphadogg writes: Chris Robb, the new guy in charge of overseeing the 100G Internet2 network that serves thousands of education and research outfits across the U.S., talks about IPv6, talks about what it takes to manage a hybrid optical and IP network. Supporting a dynamic circuit switching network, multicast and IPv6 are among his top challenges. "The beauty of running a research network is that we are pioneering techniques with our collaborators worldwide and believe these methodologies will help inform commercial Internet providers in the future as they adopt similar technologies and architectures," Robb says.
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French Police Ditching Windows for Linux 122

esocid writes "In another European blow to Microsoft the French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest administrations in the world to make the break. The gendarmerie began severing its ties with Microsoft in 2005 when it moved to open source office applications like word processing. It switched to open source Internet browsers in 2006."

Researchers Reference Flocking Birds to Improve Swarmbots 62

inghamb87 writes "Scientists have studied flocks of starlings and cracked the mystery behind the birds' ability to fly in large formations, and regroup quickly after attacks, without getting confused and ramming into each other. While the information is cool, some scientists seem to think that the best use of this knowledge is not to aid our appreciation of nature, but to make more effective robot swarms. We've talked about swarming robots many times before, but usually researchers look to insects for inspiration."
PC Games (Games)

Valve Takes on Piracy With Free, Pre-Packaged Game Publishing Tools 190

Heartless Gamer writes "Valve is rocking the boat in a big way, especially for PC gaming piracy. They have just announced the release of a complete collection of publisher tools, called Steamworks. They're making it available to developers and publishers completely free. Valve notes that beyond simply making the product available to consumers some of the tools can integrate copy protection, social networking services, or even server browsing features into a developing game."

E-Voting Undermines Public Confidence In Elections 155

Jeremiah Cornelius writes "Techdirt columnist, Timothy Lee, hit the metaphoric nail on the head, claiming that e-Voting undermines the public perception of election fairness - even when there is no evidence of wrongdoing. 'In a well-designed voting system, voters shouldn't have to take anyone's actions on faith. The entire process should be simple and transparent, so that anyone can observe it and verify that it was carried out correctly. The complexity and opacity of e-voting machines makes effective public scrutiny impossible, and so it's a bad idea even in the absence of specific evidence of wrongdoing.' Add to this the possibility technical faults, conflicts of interest and evidence of tampering, how long before the US vote is viewed as an electronic pantomime?"

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