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Comment Re:What fallacy? (Score 1) 729

the fallacy is the assumption that the human nervous system is a separate entity observing a universe that is completely outside of it. i.e. assumption that you are not a product of the universe. an outside system observing a completely separate system. and consciousness (as we are now becoming conscious of) is a very integral part of "physics" and the universe in general. it's not a machine that functions on random fluctuations and coincidences

Submission + - Teleportation in Time (

screamphilling writes: Conventional entanglement links particles across space. Jay Olson and Timothy Ralph at the University of Queensland in Australia say they've discovered a new type of entanglement that extends, not through space, but through time. But there's a twist. Olson and Ralph show that the detection of the qubit in the future must be symmetric in time with its creation in the past. "If the past detector was active at a quarter to 12:00, then the future detector must wait to become active at precisely a quarter past 12:00 in order to achieve entanglement," they say. For that reason, they call this process "teleportation in time".

Comment regional (Score 0) 80

the thing is.... teh interwebz turns the planet into a region... therefore, teh interwebz provide regional influence on Iran and not vice-versa. ohhh noes, the middle east is improving their communication infrastructure and not using expensive western-owned satellites to do so... terrorists win!

Comment boxxxxxx (Score 1) 17

Like the other guy said, might've been a test device. Sounds like _______ department within Microsoft allowed the dude to run his own contest or something. I'm sure microsoft employees have access to as many copies of Windows as they could possibly want... maybe the upgrade was a courtesy? and boxes are wonderful for re-using. Alot of geeks aren't known for aesthetiics... so the dude takes the initiative to ship a laptop. *cry* also I worked at UPS and I saw boxes take some damage

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