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Comment Just don't! (Score 1) 514

Plant wild flowers, or no mow grass(yes it exists, and works great)! -You will save $ on gas -pollute a lot less! (mowers are some of the least efficient motors around) -Make more fresh air -looks a lot better -get some nice birds, butterflies and such. -Gain 3 hours a week back. You can do a ton with that. And If you must mow, make a solar powered lawnmower with a server battery and starter mower like I did!

When Should I Buy an Android Tablet? 396

jpyeck writes "I've deliberately avoided the smartphone craze, due to the fact I've never utilized any phone (landline or otherwise) enough to justify the monthly fees. But the geek in me craves the 'smart' part of the equation, especially since I got a bonus this year-end that is burning a hole in my pocket. The iPad is out of the question because I need a bit more hack-ability in my gadgets. I am drooling over the Android Honeycomb demo from the CES. I've had my eye on the Galaxy Tab, though it sounds like it won't support Honeycomb. The Xoom looks great, but who knows when it will come out? The consensus seems to be 'wait a few months for Honeycomb.' If you were me, with limited patience, would you buy an Android tablet now? If so, which?"

Comment yeap (Score 1) 612

I have to say I agree with this. Little of what I learned in Computer Science was useful, up to date or relevant. 80% of my classes were in unrelated things also, like speech, spanish, and "other". BUT going to college can expand your horizons and allow you to learn about areas outside of your "career". Someone once told me "No one ever said what you learn in school is useful"

Comment WebOS is really great... (Score 1) 240

I have had a Pre for months, and love it. I have had an iPhone and worked with Blackberries and WIndows Mobile phones a lot, and it blows them all away. I also as far as developing for webos goes, its a dream. I love it, way better then development for the iPhone was when I did that. I really was hoping they would licence the OS to a few good hardware developers, but I hope whoever buys them keeps the OS and the same ideals the developers of it have.

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