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Submission + - Russian cannibals sell leftovers to kebabshop (

ulski writes: I just read this story on BBC news, it is perhaps not really "news for nerds. stuff that matters" but here it is:
Russian police have arrested three homeless men suspected of killing a man, eating part of the body and selling other parts to a kebab shop.
They said the three men attacked their victim with knives and a hammer. "After carrying out the attack, the corpse was dismembered. Part of it was eaten and part was also sold to a kebab and pie kiosk," their statement said. It was not immediately clear if any customers had been served.

Comment Approving system for CFLs (Score 1) 859

Some of the cheap Chinese CFL are poor regarding color of light, power consumption, life span and startup time. In order to help consumers pick out the higher quality CFL the power savings council in Denmark (Elsparefonden in Danish) have tested a long list of CFL. Based on the test they have setup a list of "approved A class" CFLs which meet a set in minimum requirements. The list can be found here: A description of the requirements they set for the A class CFLs can be found here (via google translate)

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