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Comment Re:Argh! (Score 1) 96

If you really have been doing this for years, you may want to go check to see if any seeders are left. Yeah, you could get seeders at first, but once people realize its a bad file they are gone.

That's easy. Just jump on piratebay once a month or so, and comment that it is the greatest 3D porn movie in the history of 3D porn.
Works like a charm. :)

Comment Re:Nope. But I'll tell you what did help. (Score 1) 144

Replace the mouse with a trackball. There's a tendency with a mouse to move your wrist - you're not meant to do this, you're meant to use your whole arm. But I don't know anyone who does. It'll take you a few days to get used to, after which you'll never use a mouse again.

This. I have a MS trackball explorer at home, that I will use until it dies. I am not a fan of MS products, but that trackball is the best I have ever used. Too bad they stopped making them.
At work I use a Logitech cordless optical trackman, that is almost as good, but personally I wish it wasn't wireless.
What I really like is the Ball under my fingers, thumb for left click, index finger for scrolling. It is getting hard to find.

Comment I can see it. (Score 4, Insightful) 66

There are plenty of people who can do everything they use a computer for on a tablet. I would guess most of those people are not on /.
For example my mother and sister, both use their computers for email, facebook, a little research, some cheezy games (Solitaire) and that is pretty much it.

All of that can easily be done on a cheep tablet.

Personally I will keep my laptop with a keyboard, but even I do most of my email on my Nexus 7 these days.

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