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Comment Re:My favorite part (Score 1) 238

Why is it that people think Jesus=God? What part of "Jesus, the son of God" is unclear? I mean, we're all geeks here and so by and large probably not very religious, but it's a pretty fundamental error to be making about one of the largest religions in the world. Even given unfamiliarity with the details of the Holy Trinity, which is admittedly a non-trivial theological concept, it should be obvious that since God created the Universe (and everything in it) first, and Jesus was born later, Jesus is obviously not God and is not responsible for making the fish, just for multiplying them.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 324

I never had much problem with the buggy sequences myself, but that may be because I've been playing racing games since the SNES and Genesis and have experience with digital steering.

Anyway, for dedicated racing games, you can buy a steering wheel and have even better control than an analog stick. A cheap no force-feedback wheel only costs around $20-40 and works great for arcade-style racers.

Comment computers can be dangerous (Score 1) 327

One word: Botnets. If everyone that used a computer on the internet was educated in how to avoid downloading malicious software, how to recognize when their computer may be infected, and how to remove said malware, we could put a major dent in the proliferation of botnets, which I think everyone will agree are one of the prime real threats to global cybersecurity today.

Remember: it may take one hacker to program a botnet, but its takes thousands of ignorant people to run one. A little required education could go a long way. The exact implementation of a "computer licence" may need some work, but there are some real possible benefits.

Comment Re:Privoxy (Score 1) 678

Agreed. Use a good popup and script blocker, and install adblock and show her how to use it so she can block images and things if she wants to. You may want to do a little surfing on the seedier websites and seed adblock with any major porn advertisers yourself, if you like.

Anything she sees beyond that point will be because of a deliberate action on her part, i.e. clicking on a link.

Comment No accounting for taste (Score 1) 743

Well, if they really like it that way, I'm not going to stop them or say they're wrong. it's just one preference out of many. I just hope this doesn't mean artists will start putting this noise in their tracks deliberately, because I DON'T like it, and of course it's trivial to add MP3 distortion but impossible to remove it.

It's kind of like pop stars now deliberately overusing auto-tune on their vocals--they (or really, probably their producers) LIKE the unrealistic "pop" between different pitches and robotically flat tonality. Personally I can see that--I'm not really a fan of genres that commonly do this, but I can see its artistic merit as an individual technique, and it doesn't detract from my appreciation of artists with noticeably un-tuned voices (i.e. Tom Waits).

Comment Sega Saturn (Score 1) 616

Sega pulled this, deliberately or not, with the Sega Saturn. It was really a pretty powerful piece of hardware, but it's massively parallel architecture and shitty development tools meant it was very hard to work with. Some titles actually ignored entire processors on the motherboard simply because it was too much trouble to integrate them into the code.

Granted this was not the only problem with the Saturn--Sega of America's president also had the business sense of a ponzi scheme victim, but still.

Comment Popcrack (Score 1) 198

I think Popcap has being doing this for years. I mean, nearly all their games are just variations on, "make a group of three or more objects of the same color", endlessly iterated with some peripheral rules into the most addictive configurations. Throw in a random aesthetic theme and some cheerful sound effects and watch the money roll in.

Comment Rights (Score 2, Interesting) 48

Interestingly, this seems to only apply to the "Formula 1" brand itself, so other games can certainly include F1 cars, so long as they don't use the F1 organization's name. I guess F1 doesn't actually hold any rights to the cars themselves--which makes sense, but then recent years have shown very little usually makes sense when it comes to copyrights/trademarks/patents.

Certainly nice for those independent game developers anyway, especially Live for Speed, which has an officially sanctioned version of BMW Sauber's 2006 F1 car (as well as BMW's V1 Championship car), which they're using via a deal with BMW Motorsport itself.

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