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Comment Re:iPod touch + sled? (Score 1) 114

Bullshit. In 1993 they sold 386 and 486. You can't install any modern GNU/Linux on a 486. My 486DX had a maximum memory of 32 megs. RHEL requires 1GB per CPU core. Ubuntu requires a 1GHz P4 and 512MB. Both require 5GB of disk space. My old 486 DX had 250megs... Eventually I upgraded it to 800 megs.

Yes, you can run an older OS, but that is true with anything.

Apple hardware is well-known to last forever. They still have running useful G3 iMacs, (13 years old machines,) in my kids' elementary school.

Comment Re:Bicycles (Score 1) 137

OK, but to make this fair we will have to remove all A/C and weather-proofing from the automobiles.

Or you stop with bullshit about making shit fair. A bicyclist running a stop light, (which technically he can't even trigger because he doesn't give off a large enough magnetic field to trigger the light,) isn't likely to kill someone, even if he causes an accident. A car doing the same will. The laws are designed to reflect this.

Comment Re:Bicycles (Score 1) 137

Yes, I do.

Accidents are accidents, I wont hold one against you, as long as you make up for your mistake.

Murdering someone because you are not paying attention to your surrounding while your operating a 2 ton reinforced steel cage on shared roadway is not an accident. Unintentional maybe, but if you can't keep your car from running over peds and bikes, get yourself a scooter.

Comment Re:Low estimate (Score 1) 70

As for TFA this is part of a discussion we've been having at Linux Insider (Just FYI I'm quoted in part of the article) on FOSS and the freeloader problem. I personally believe the GPL and other FOSS licenses need a "free for non commercial use ONLY" clause to allow FOSS developers the funds required to maintain and grow the code. In great economic times one can get by with the "tin cup donation or support" model but as the economy sinks you will see more and more that used to pay simply becoming freeloaders. If a corp is making money off FOSS then they should have to kick back a few bucks, it is only fair. After all if it wasn't for FOSS they wouldn't be making the massive profits like they do, so kicking a small amount of the profits to those that did the work is only fair and just IMHO. This would make it better for everyone, including the corps whom I'm sure would find a way to take it off their taxes and would benefit from more bug fixing and more developers writing FOSS code, which in turn benefits us all.

From my experience "free for non commercial use" usually means "free" to most companies. Open Source means no licensing cost.

Comment Re:Told ya (Score 1) 297

Apple is the new Microsoft. Remember how Apple used to sue bloggers for just talking about an upcoming product? How about the kid who was selling white iphone skins, Apple shut him down in a hurry.

He was selling *STOLEN* iPhone parts. (His contact stole the parts he was selling from from a Foxcom factory.)

Comment Re:I don't see the point of texting while driving? (Score 1) 317

I've never understood this argument. I'm much more distracted by trying to have meaningful conversation in real time then I am reading or writing a one line txt message. I can read it when I have a moment, think about it when I have a moment, think of a reply when I have a moment, then type it when I have a moment. No moments, no worries, it can wait. I can not do that in a real time live conversation.

Comment Re:But has it increased by 25%? (Score 1) 317

Because whenever I ask a passenger to answer my phone they feel I'm being lazy and rude by pushing them to handle something they feel I should be able to do, because, you know, "everyone else does it and doesn't have a problem."

I just don't telephone in the car anyway. To help with this I've taken to only buying rag-tops. It only takes 20 seconds on the phone before the other person realizes that when I reject her call I'm actually trying to NOT be rude.

Comment Re:Pure BS and FUD (Score 1) 206

barest UNIX underpinnings? non-UNIXy elements? you obviously have no idea what the hell your talking about. UNIX is a base standard. Your OS must meet certain POSIX guidelines and requirements. You can add whatever you want on top on it, but you can't miss anything. This isn't LINUX we are talking about, this is a true certified UNIX.

If you are trying argue the "Just Works" thing you again, obviously have no idea what your talking about. You take a new Apple out of the box, install any office suite, and you have a computer that is ready for 98% of the things someone would use a computer for.

Apple hardware has actually been around the top of ratings by consumerist groups for at lest the last 10 years I've been paying attention.

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