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Alberta Scientists Discover Largest-Ever Cache of Dinosaur Bones 154

Cryolithic writes "The largest cache of dinosaur bones ever found has been unearthed in Alberta. From the article: '... officials at the Royal Tyrrell Museum say the Hilda site provides the first solid evidence that some horned dinosaur herds were much larger than previously thought, with numbers comfortably in the high hundreds to low thousands. ... Rather than picturing the animals as drowning while crossing a river, a classic scenario that has been used to explain bonebed occurrences at many sites in Alberta, the research team interpreted the vast coastal landscape as being submerged during tropical storms or hurricanes. With no high ground to escape to, most of the members of the herd drowned in the rising coastal waters. Carcasses were deposited in clumps across kilometers of ancient landscape as floodwaters receded.'"

Comment Re:Advertising these days... (Score 3, Funny) 667

I agree. I can't imagine how the meeting at Toyota went when they came up with this idea...

Boss) We need to come up with an edgy new marketing scheme...
Guy 1) Hey, let scare the shit out of some lady.
Guy 2) Yeah, Lets make up a fake stalker!!!
Guy 1) Sweet... Lets make him a criminal too!
Guy 2) Serial Killer?
Guy 1) Naw, Just a regular criminal.. Maybe petty theft?
Guy 2) From a different country?
Guy 1) Oh I like the way you think!!!
Boss) This is a GREAT idea, nothing can possibly go wrong! We will have people all over the US wanting to buy our new cars!

Guy 1 and Guy 2) HIGH FIVE!!! **slap**

Comment Cell Phone Shack (Score 1) 629

Last time I went into a Radio Shack "The Shack" to pick up some barrel connectors, the woman at the counter had no idea what I was talking about. When I spoke with the wandering sales kid, he at least knew were the tiny little bin of electronic components were. When I asked the kid, he made a joke about not knowing anything about electronic, but he could help me buy a cell phone.

That was the last time I will go into a Radio Shack...

Comment Re:News at 11 (Score 1) 553

Yup, I understand what you're saying. My point still being... As long as they can point a finger at a person (executives or peons) when the shit hits the fan, and your companies name is in the paper, and the lawsuits soon follow, the SA can say... "Hey, SA did everything we could. It's not our fault Mr Executive wrote down the password. He knows better then that."

It's all smoke and mirrors. It all boils down to whose ass is going to be on the line when shit hits the fan. It's hard to fire a policy.

Comment Re:News at 11 (Score 1) 553

The Security Analyst can care less if you can remember your passwords or not. The real issue is whose fault it's going to be when the system does get compromised. I can tell you right now, it's not going to be the SA. Its all you, the end user! You can fight the good fight for admins and end users, but in the end, SA can care less if you have you password on a sticky note on your monitor. They have covered their ass, and when all your business gets owned. They are going to point their finger right at you. They will keep their job... You wont.

"My password is a. a like apple"

Comment Re:Will it help locally? (Score 2, Informative) 83


"Pixel-lensing, or gravitational microlensing was developed to look for MAssive Compact Halo Objects MACHOs in the galactic halo of the Milky Way. Because light rays are bent when they pass close to a massive object, the gravity of a nearby star focuses the light from a distant star towards Earth. This method is sensitive to finding planets in our own galaxy, ranging is sizes from Jupiter-like planets to Earth-sized ones."

So yes...

Comment Re:Disrespectful (Score 1) 413

Killing yourself is chicken shit. Your dead, and you have only hurt the ones that care for you.

From your comment, it seems that you are someone that has never been a victim of someone close to you committing suicide.

I am, and I can tell you that suicide is the most selfish act that a person can commit. The pain that it causes for years to come to your loved ones it not only selfish but preventable. I can understand that if you are mentally handicapped, but you can't go a day without seeing some kind of depression commercials, add, billboard offering to get you help. From my experience, family and friends can tell when you are upset and offer to help as well.

Suicide is the easy way out, and I have 0 respect for anyone that has committed suicide.

Comment Re:Like the phonograph.... The what? (Score 1) 743

McIntosh are not just PC's...

I would have agreed with p until I worked in a high end audio store (not BestBuy). Once I listened to music though a high end audio system, there was no tuning back. I am still shocked to this day that a vinyl record could sound that good. It really has nothing to do with being "Mr. Super Ears", it has to do more with not knowing that there is something out there that is much better.

Sure, you could prefer to eat steaks from Sizzler, but one you have kobe beef, there is no turning back.

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