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Comment Explanation needed. (Score 1) 275

"Ensuring a consistent experience for all users."

I don't get this. If the card system used the universal SD card system (which everyone already uses in their phone/camera), then the experience would still be consistent. The only difference is that now everyone is getting consistently pissed off at SONY for being forced to use a proprietary card system that's very expensive and useless with anything else.

Comment Re:It's broken for me (Score 1) 839

Speaking of which, it's 2011, why do PVRs look and work as if they came from 1995?

I'm with Videotron in Canada and we're forced to use Scientific Atlanta PVRs and they are horrible. Switching channels takes seconds (used to be instant with regular cable, so no more zapping), the interfaces are butt-ugly and the features are non-existent (why, for the love of god, can't I hide the channels that I'm not paying for?).

Stop fiddling with headache enducing-gimmicky 3D and instead work on providing decent hardware to actually improve the user experience.

Comment Re:People are not the largest cost of doing busine (Score 1) 87

Oh noes! Congress might raise minimum wage! Here's an interesting factoid:

Average worker hourly rate in 1965: 19.61$
Average worker hourly rate in 2007: 19.71$

Average CEO hourly rate in 1965: 490.31$
Average CEO hourly rate in 2007: 5419.97$

You know what, I don't think that congress raising minimum wage is where we should focus our attention...

Comment Re:Just downloaded the Android version (Score 1) 234

Not that I want to defend the contractor, but perhaps it's not their fault. I've oftentimes had to develop crappy products because I absolutely had to follow the provided specs. The customer just wouldn't listen to our suggestions for improvements.

We can't assume that the people in charge at the government were actually competent and sometimes you've just gotta do what they ask if you want to get paid, no matter how crappy it is.

Add to this the ever changing specs and scope creep problem of most government projects and a 1 day project lasts a month.

Comment Re:About time (Score 1) 548

Yeah, but if I'm in NY and buying something from an online retailer with a headquarters in CA, do I pay NY tax or CA tax or both? What if that online retailer also has offices in FL, which taxes win?

Therein lies the problem with taxing online purchases.

It is unfair, but it's also a complicated issue to fix.

Comment Re:Bipartisan support (Score 1) 548

Actually, I don't mind paying for it. What I do mind however is the amount of money that is wasted by the government with redundancy, inefficiency, redundancy and bureaucracy. So before asking me for more money, use the cash that you're already getting from me in a better way and then I might be inclined to give you more.

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