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Comment Re:April Fools stories are gay (Score 1) 1482

He should not be prosecuted for giving his funds, but for spreading his hate speech in public against gays.
And the proper punishment would be: banning him to repeat that or face a heavy fine (yeah yeah free speech lala I hear you, idiot!)

Your going to need to explicate. What "hate speech" are you referring to? My understanding of the situation is that he has never given context to the contribution or his views on the subject.

Comment Will somebody please... (Score 1) 449

think about the privacy?!

While the PSTN may be illegally tapped as routinely as I eat pizza, evidence gathered in such a way is not admissible in court. It is only a short matter of time before we likely see our other communications showing up in court without warrants to obtain. With the NSA's data harvesting being public knowledge and law enforcement agencies able to request it there will no longer be an expectation of privacy. Our governement has done a great job labeling all forms of dissent "terrorism" and will stop at nothing to prevent political reform.

Comment Weirdest? (Score 1) 322

Really the weirdest? If the weirdest is really what you're after I would say an ATM. Those usually run Windows and when I saw one running Linux I was very surprised. But it isn't really that weird to find linux in places that aren't obvious. So much so that now I expect to find Linux if I find a device where I assume there is a high level language used to maintain it (and surprised if it is something else).

A few quick examples of places Linux is gaining ground that may not be obvious to the average consumer:
Cable boxes
Gaming consoles
Auto-mobile dashes
Soda dispensers
Aquarium/Terrarium controls

Comment Re:To require? (Score 1) 390

Citizens (in a democracy) decide on who occupies the positions of power

Oh? And when did the average citizen start deciding who is in the presidential primaries? By the time a politician has enough clout to run, he/she is already entrenched in such a political mud-hole that no winch of candor could pull him/her out. When is the last time a third party had a chance? The options the average person has to vote on are already primed and ready to turn us citizens on one another with our political angst. If given a choice, I would rather vote on a leader than a politician. But I have never had that choice; it's always A or B.

Comment Re:Marketing guy says something untrue? (Score 1) 474

I think a good deal of the Apple hate came when they stopped innovating and started suing. Then the constant releases to break functionality forcing you to buy new, technically unnecessary hardware and the "you can't modify your hardware" mentality. Apple used to be a very different company at one point.

Comment Re:Marketing guy says something untrue? (Score 1) 474

Formula to prove my slashdot worth: 1. Count number of digits in my assigned number. 2. Add one to previous number. 3. Call out those with one digit higher.
It doesn't matter how many digits you have. Many of us are on our second or third accounts at this point for one reason or another. And those who are newer should be welcomed along with their opinions. How I miss the pre-Dice nobody bitched about Dice Slashdot.

Comment Let him fry. (Score 1) 135

When you do something like this you know the consequences. It is shameful that he turned on those he fought alongside. And if you don't agree with that, let him fry for breaking the law. Either way, neither side should consider him worthy of anything other than a long prison sentence for breaking the rules of their society.

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