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Comment Oh, maan (Score 1) 174

This guy represents the average romanian "hacker" perfectly. Romanian readers might agree that the cocalar term might also be applicable.
Oh yes, and "shoarec" means mouse. :))

PS. Yes, I live in Romania.

Comment Re:Great, but... (Score 2) 195

They don't get as much press as they used to, because they don't update the Mac lineup as often as they used to. And regarding the OS... two years after 10.6, what will 10.7 bring new? Fullscreen apps and an iPad-style homescreen or whatnot. Come on. Of couse, as long as Macs sell well, but iPads and iPhones sell even better, Apple will focus more on the development of iOS and the devices it runs on.

Comment Re:do it mozilla. (Score 1) 284

installing crap behind the scenes.

I agree, it's crap, and it's installed behind the scenes, IF you do a Next-Next-Next-Finish install. Just choose the Advanced/Custom/I-know-what-I'm-doing install option and you can deselect the toolbar. This is true for Skype and for most other toolbar-installing software.

Comment Re:Clam. What's that? (Score 2) 127

Yeah, some mod could mod this funny, but it's actually sad but true... for some older ATMs at least. Nowadays I see quite a few running XP (you can see that on the back screen, if the ATM is in a place where you can see its back). But a few years ago I've seen a crashed ATM and it had plain MS-DOS. Then I remembered that I've used once an ATM of that particular bank, and that it seemed to me that the fonts looked just like the BGI fonts (Borland Graphics Interface - those who used Borland Pascal/C++ during the '90s know what I'm talking about), so I'm pretty sure that ATM was running plain DOS with some graphical app coded in Borland Pascal or C++ on it.

Comment Re:Nooo ! (Score 1) 440

As far as my mom is concerned, there is no difference between the versions of OS X-- and why new versions of Firefox won't run anymore will baffle her.

If different versions of OS X make no difference to your mom, I doubt newer or older versions of Firefox will.

Wanna run 10.4 for years to come? Fine, just stick with Firefox 3.6 or whatever will be the last Firefox supporting it.

(typing on an iBook G4 with Leopard, and being aware of the fact that it's the last version of OS X that it will run, but might do so for a few more years).

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