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Comment Re:Python VS PHP (Score 4, Informative) 261

What do you mean? Skydrive has a 2GB limit on filesize (just found this out the other day, when trying to store a 3 GB encrypted backup there). On Dropbox the only limit is your available storage. (I have 10 GB:) ) Skydrive has no differential sync. Change 1 byte in a 2GB file, it uploads the whole thing again. Dropbox breaks down the files in (I think) 4 MB pieces, uploads only what changed. I'm in no way affiliated with Dropbox, I just think it's more flexible. It's true that Skydrive offers more free storage space though.

Axis, Yahoo's New Browser 194

markjhood2003 writes "Fresh on the heels of Slashdot's discussion of the lack of browser choice on mobile devices comes the announcement of Yahoo's new web browser Axis. According to VentureBeat, the browser runs on iPad and iPhone as a separate standalone browser and as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, with support for Android and Windows Phone coming soon. It actually appears to bring some innovation to mobile search, displaying results and queries on the same page for more productive navigation between the two."

Comment Re:Newbie question hour? (Score 2) 247

I think this is the root of the problem here, he chose the wrong filesystem to share between the three OSes. Sadly there are not too many choices. FAT32 is the only one natively supported by all three, with its well known limitations. He might have been better with NTFS though, using NTFS-3G on Linux and OS X, but that has some performance hit. There's really no perfect solution for this kind of problem.

Comment Oh, maan (Score 1) 174

This guy represents the average romanian "hacker" perfectly. Romanian readers might agree that the cocalar term might also be applicable.
Oh yes, and "shoarec" means mouse. :))

PS. Yes, I live in Romania.

Comment Re:Great, but... (Score 2) 195

They don't get as much press as they used to, because they don't update the Mac lineup as often as they used to. And regarding the OS... two years after 10.6, what will 10.7 bring new? Fullscreen apps and an iPad-style homescreen or whatnot. Come on. Of couse, as long as Macs sell well, but iPads and iPhones sell even better, Apple will focus more on the development of iOS and the devices it runs on.

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