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Submission + - Mozilla blocks WPF & .NET Framework Add-Ins (

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla has blocked the Microsoft WPF Plug-In & .NET Framework add-in. Firefox users on Windows will start seeing these blocked completely by the browser as of Saturday.

Submission + - Firefox Automatically Disables Microsoft Addon ( 1

Sasayaki writes: After it was revealed that the .net update to Firefox pushed through Windows Update left the browser vulnerable, Windows users today discovered that their browser had automatically disabled and blocked that addon (you could 'opt-in' again if you wanted). An interesting move- will Microsoft take it laying down?

Submission + - World of Goo Birthday Sale

An anonymous reader writes: As mentioned previously on Slashdot, World of Goo was ported to Linux. For one more day only, there is a World of Goo Birthday sale. "World of Goo just turned one year old! For this week... pay whatever you think it's worth (normally 20 USD)" For those who game (or wish there were more games) on Linux, now is a good time to show some support to the developers.

Comment Agreed (Score 0) 281

This SHOULD be criminal. If it is against the law, it's criminal. Also, if it is NOT criminal, the "fines" or reward for damages should reflect what the company/artist lost. Seeing as how the lack of $1-$10,000 isn't really effecting them, it should be cost. Just my 2 cents.

Submission + - Difference between System/Network Administrator 1

sr8outtalotech writes: I earn my living as a Systems Administrator. Recently, I submitted my resume to several jobsites; Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder and Hotjobs to see what was out there. What I find appalling is the overwhelming ignorance of most so called technical recruiters. I've dealt with over 25 recruiters so far and I don't think a single one could tell me the difference between a systems administrator and a network administrator. How does the slashdot community see the difference between a network and systems administrator? In my own opinion a network administrator works with Layers 1-3 of the OSI Model and a system administrator works with Layers 4-7 with some Layer 3/4 overlap in both positions. How do you deal with recruiters and human resources people that don't know the difference? Educate them? Politely ignore them? Tell them to stop wasting your time?

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