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Comment Re:Wonder how they will work this out... (Score 1) 536

Viability, when looking at hybrid crosses, generally refers to whether the fertilized embryo will actually develop into an adult. So, no viable offspring would definitely equal no introgression. In nature, there are many instances of two separate producing viable hybrid offspring. The key thing here is if those offspring are fertile and subsequently reproduced with one or the other parent species...then things get interesting.

Comment Newsworthy Research? (Score 0) 536

There are people out there curing disease and moving industries. But this guy gets all the air time? I'm reminded of James Woods in the film True Crime, playing a hard nosed newspaper editor, uttering the sage words: "People want to read about sex organs and blood.". This is clearly a mantra that applies to science stories as well as any others. And we wonder why science is held in such low regard by many.

Science journalism, despite all it protestations, is not that beneficial to society or scientists. It's just regular journalism with a different topic and is better avoided by all serious people and scientists alike. Get thee to a blog.

Comment sales down sharply, rentals up slightly? (Score 1) 545

Doesn't this mean that overall, fewer people are watching DVDs? This couldn't have to do with the quality of the content?

When people ask me why shouldn't they torrent movies, I say Netflix is cheap enough, convenient enough, and timely enough to be a reasonable substitution for torrenting. Now the studios think crippling rentals will increase sales? I'd say "what are they smoking?" but this is Hollywood, after all...

Comment Re:Go to your room and no video games! (Score 1) 341

Oh, and I bet, your definition of "healthy" includes people who are fat, eat next to no species-appropriate food (and rather preparations of chemistry-like purity of sugars and engineered chemicals), take meds / smoke / drink coffee / etc as if it were candy and *need them*, etc.

Sorry, but any single one of those alone already makes you non-healthy.

Comment Re:hey, it beats (Score 2, Informative) 545

Yeah, cut your nose off to spite your face. That's a good plan. It'll really show them who's boss!

My bet: you talk big, but you won't actually modify your behavior (iow: either you already don't buy movies, or you'll keep buying at the same rate).

No need for nose cutting. Torrenting is already efficient and easy enough that in reality most people who actually buy movies are just making a token gesture to play by the rules.

It's a simple issue: the industry has ZERO negotiating power with most consumers these days. Disney's "Vault" used to have some power. Stupid tactics like this USED to have some influence on people. These days though? Piss us off and we'll torrent what we want. They've did enough to damage their reputation already. For the people still content to be paying for stuff like these they shouldn't work too hard towards hindering the arrangement that is working.

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