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Submission + - Voyager Probes Give Us ET's View (

astroengine writes: "For the first time, scientists have been able to measure a type of radiation streaming out from the Milky Way that in other galaxies has been linked to the birthplaces of young, hot stars. There was no way to make our own galaxy's measurement of the radiation, known as Lyman-alpha, until the Voyager probes were about 40 times as far away from the sun as Earth — any closer and the solar system's own emissions drowned out the fainter glow from the galaxy."

Submission + - Diaspora* Finally Launches (

An anonymous reader writes: Diaspora has launched today, though you could join community-supported Diaspora* pods for awhile already. From the article: "Diaspora* sports some Google+ elements, such as the black bar at the top and a stream on the left-hand side with "Aspects" rather than Circles. Unlike other social networks, Diaspora* encourages people to follow hashtags rather than users, though it is possible to search for people. Similar to Google+ and Facebook, you can post publicly or with a select group of people and add your own "Aspects." ... When you join Diaspora*, you are asked to follow tags. In your first post, including #newhere lets others in the Diaspora* community know to give you a warm welcome. Tags include #music with 6K+ followers, #newhere with 1K+ followers and #occupy with 400+ followers, but there is currently no way to see the most popular tags."

Submission + - OpenMoko's FreeRunner rises from the ashes

ChristW writes: Remember OpenMoko's first free and open source phones, the GTA-01 and GTA-02 (also called FreeRunner)? There is a new project called Phoenux. The German company Golden Delicous is building a new main board (called GTA-04) for the GTA01/02 case.

The new hardware features:
- DM3730 (800 MHz)
(and lots more)

Comment Thorium would address your concerns (Score 1) 266
Thorium reactors would address your concerns. The plants become self regulating - reaction stops itself if/when needed. That, and the actual thorium elements are a) more common than uranium, and b) generate much less waste. Lots of videos on YouTube explaining the details, but the link above is a good introduction. It also explains the differences from the current Uranium based reactors.

Comment Odd Conclusion (Score 1) 434

Did they only evaluate those who manually sort their mail? Having the server put mail into appropriate folders doesn't take any time at all once it is set up.

Most of the mail I need access to was in the last few days. When I have to search in my mail client, I'm lucky if the search results come anywhere near close to what I'm looking for.

So, thanks IBM, but I'll stick with the folder approach until such time as the default search capabilities (in ThunderChicken, LookOut, etc) improve.

Comment Re:Javascript (Score 1) 110

me thinks you have spoken too soon. The right answer is "it depends". But, there are ways to get arbitrary javascript to run on web pages. cross site scripting, simple form submission of JS code, MiTM injection, malicious code on the server, etc.

OR, you know something I don't. If so, please share.

Comment Re:Aiding and abetting (Score 1) 297

In your example the crime would be the guy actually going to that address AND committing the felony. Telling someone where they can find something *may* be aiding/abetting in very specific circumstances. However on the Internet, posting the link is nothing more than slapping up a poster with an address on it. The people that see that poster make a choice - some may decide to visit that address with criminal intent. There is nothing wrong with putting the poster up - it's called free speech. ACTING on the information the poster contains is when the crime may or may not occur. Going after the guy who created the poster is just a witch hunt. Why not go after the company that made the paper too? and the logging company that provided the wood for the paper, etc.

We live in the world where we can find instructions for making bombs on the Internet. There are links to those instructions. Are THEY aiding and abetting? Why should a corporation get more rights to protect their so called intellectual property? Why is the world so quick to punish those who may infringe on these IDEAS? And why so much more than the people who commit physical crimes? The guy in question here posted a link, a relatively harmless activity. He is facing more legal fees and punishments than a typical burgler, car thief, or rapist. And yet there are people in this thread that are screaming for his head. We, as Internet denizens, seem to have lost a balanced perspective. I think we all need to get out of our basements more often...

Comment Re:Sometimes linking should be illegal ... (Score 5, Insightful) 297

So, by your own logic, when you mention to your friend to "take care" around that drug den down the road, you should be put in jail for aiding and abetting the drug trade. We see links to goatse here all the time. The image itself is morally wrong, but the links are not. *IF* Real Alternative is in fact breaking the law then Real Alternative should be held accountable - Not some poor schmuck who simply says "look at this" via a link.

What you are advocating is akin to thought crime. If you don't conform and think the way "we" tell you too, you should be punished. The problem is just who gets to decide what is "right". In every single instance or situation. What happens when this so called "right" does not align with your own personal views? Do you bend over and let them spank you until you see the light? Sorry, but I'm sure glad I don't live in your world and can make up my own mind what links I'll visit, what software I'll install, or even what I'll have for lunch today.

Comment Not so fast Florian (Score 1) 230

I've seen a number of grand statements like this from Florian Mueller. I do believe that every single one (that I've read about at least) turned out to be putting the best possible spin on something for whoever has the most to gain by such spin. I've also seen Florian's reports dissected and rejected soundly (Google Florian, SCO, and Groklaw). I don't bother reading anything he writes anymore, as it is almost always fear mongering, FUD, and spin. I believe the term that applies here is "paid shill". Of course, all that is just my own opinion - read his writings with a grain of doubt and form your own opinion.

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