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Comment Re:Weakest Link (Score 1) 420

I think you might be onto something there. A site that provides brief summaries on international and national news for free, with increasing levels of subscription (or targeted advertising) allowing you to get to the in-depth comment and exclusive local news. It could draw upon the army of small-time bloggers willing to receive a few pennies in return for good local comment. The ultimate result would be a vast network allowing you to get details and perspective as you choose, rather than a single editorial slant ("hmm - I wonder what that Iraqi guy in Paris has to say on that one...")

At the moment, we've got too many big newspapers telling us what we already know, and too many local papers which have limited contact with each other, and limited resources. I reckon the first news site that grasps this one could end up sweeping the floor.


Man Invents Alternative To Cooking Gas 553

An anonymous reader writes "Gazan resident Abed Ar-Rahman has revealed what he is claiming as an alternative to cooking gas that he developed since Israel has prevented deliveries of cooking gas to Gaza. He invented a device using chemical substances available in Gaza, which burn when mixed and brought into contact with oxygen. The first component is a metal filter that controls the interaction between 40% of the oxygen in the surrounding air, the inflammable substance and some other substances."

Comment Re:Learn CSS (Score 1) 438

Tables and divs both have their uses. I wish that I had one method that had the capabilities of both, but until then, I choose the most appropriate. Some of my younger colleagues would spout endlessly about the beauty of divs and CSS. I almost believed them until I saw their code!

Comment Re:Contracts! (Score 1) 438

I'll third that. I think we scared off a lot of customers with contracts and extortionate hourly rates (designed to cover sales, accounts, admin, cat food, the works). The customer who were happiest (and most profitable) were the ones we just charged at a (lowered) hourly rate for everything. If I'd been in charge, I would have cut the hourly rate in half, but charged them for everything, not just the time it took the techie to code it.

Our biggest bane was customers who would try to get the cheapest price, add extra features by stealth, expect the capabilities of Google, Flickr and Facebook combined, and, ah yes, fix their computer for free. If we'd just charged them a plain hourly rate, we'd have been laughing.

Sure, you need to give an idea of total cost. But make it plain that it's an estimate, not a quote!

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