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Comment Re: Mosaic (Score 1) 85

I saw an interesting example of mosaicism in a medical journal. An infant was born with half male genitals, half female genitals. The most obvious explanation was that he/she was born of two embryos, one male, the other female, that combined at an early stage (but not too early) and formed a mosaic individual, with patches of male and female cells. Mosaicism actually is pretty common in biology. Sometimes you get patches of skin that vary between 2 colors. The later the embryo recombines, the bigger the patches are.

That has nothing to do with recombining of the embryo (don't know about the story You mention, there it can be an explanation, I am talking about the 2 color story, e.g. a cow or a dog, and mosaicism in general), the different patches exist because of mutations in one embryo. These mutated cells will divide just as the not mutated ones. And the sooner these mutations occur, the bigger the patches will be. And You don't need a stem cell or organ transplant to get mosaicism, You get it in the woomb.

Comment Re:Surely this can't continue forever? (Score 1) 296

Hopefully, some of the other parties will realise that people don't want to be monitored,

The big problem is that many people feel safe when there is monitoring going on and they want it that way. At least that way terrorism becomes impossible (please tell me it is so), and someone should think of the children as well, this monitoring garantuees their safety (please tell me it is so). And as they themselves have nothing to hide, they ask people who do make a fuss about it why they are making such a fuss about it. These people must have things they want to hide. OK, it is important that these data remain private, but when almost 400.000 people have gotten a thorough security training, security just CAN'T be bad, can it? "They" will most certainly know what they are doing, right?

Comment Re:Yes they are... (Score 1) 763

That depends on the pill in question. Blood pressure meds, sure. Less so Viagra and birth control drugs.

IAAMD and I am sorry but You are completely wrong here. People don't care about blood pressure pills because they don't feel the negative effects of not taking them. If they weren't being paid for by insurance companies, many people would probably not buy them. Pills like Viagra on the other hand are immensely popular, even though nobody will admit taking them. And they are much more expensive then most blood pressure control pills. Fortunately I got a good offer the other day in my mailbox, much cheaper then normal. And that's good because I think that after my, also very cheap, penis enlargement I will need the double dose.

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