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Comment Re:Rev the wrong thing (Score 1) 171

Actually, after being introduced via Torchwood, I've been trying to watch the entire series in order (including the "Loose Cannon" reconstructions for the fully lost episodes). I'm up to March, 1970. The 1st 2 Doctors aren't that bad, but when the 3rd is trapped on Earth in present day and every show starts being the same, I'd have to agree. Can't comment yet past that.

Comment Re:Paid off the house (Score 1) 582

Interest on mortgages is generally tax-deductible in the US as well (at least for the primary residence). Of course, given the utterly stupifying complexity of our tax system, I have no idea what kind of exceptions and qualifications may apply to that statement.

Also, it's only deductible if you have enough total deductions to exceed the "standard" deduction.

With the ever-increasing standard deduction, once you've paid down the principal a bit, that may well not be the case. Then, the mortgage interest is totally lost money.

Comment Re:Shouldn't happen..... (Score 1) 262

Looks fantastic and is a heck of an improvement only if either:

- You have a paid TV service, in which case this mandated broadcast switchover has nothing to do with you, or

- You live in or very near the closest largish city so can get decent reception.

Try living way out in the rural boonies like my Mom and her husband. Even with a tower mounted antenna, they get blockiness, dropouts, pauses and stuttering that make it almost unwatchable. To add insult to injury, every time they re-orient the antenna to a different station/city, they need to "re-scan" for usable signals (yes, they could set them all in manually then not touch it, but you try explaining things like "channel 8-1 is actually on channel 9" to a 70 and 80 year old).

For them, this is not better than their old static-filled, but watchable, analog signal.

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