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Comment Re:4 Tests Stopped 30,000 Comments For Me (Score 2, Insightful) 183

Oh I also forgot, if you have a static URL that your form posts to, it is a good idea to rename that page every now and then, especially if it is getting a tremendous amount of spam. Also you can do a check to see if the referring URL is on your own domain as a lot of spammers are posting from a copied version of your form.

Comment 4 Tests Stopped 30,000 Comments For Me (Score 5, Interesting) 183

I have a series of 4 tests to block spam on my website. So far it has stopped over 30,000 attempts in the last year.

Test one is, does the last name = the first name. For some reason almost all spammers do this.

Second, do they use a keyword from a list of about 15 words.

Third, do they fill out a hidden inputbox? This is sort of the reverse captcha.

Finally do they use more than 4 "http" in a post. Almost all comment spam is an SEO effort to increase their pagerank.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 0) 605

I never found anything wrong with Windows ME other than it didn't offer anything different that 98 didn't already have. In all reality Windows ME was nothing more than 98 SP4. I think it got a bad rap to be honest. Windows XP was a great leap forward from 98 & ME though. We should give MS some credit here that they realized Vista wasn't going to be successful, and quickly moved on to the next project.

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