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Comment Re:The rich become a different species (Score 1) 981

"Rich people can afford to extend their lifespans, make themselves beautiful, smarter, and so on."
Rich people can already do this and do. It's capitalism at it's finest. Without this reward, there would be no reason to try to get rich and we'd all do the bare minimum.
We could probably look at this from another angle, such as what if a child is born with AIDS and we have a cure for that.

Comment A Generation Behind (Score 2, Insightful) 473

Like prior IE releases they're still playing catchup and not moving ahead of the competition. Webkit & Mozilla have support border-radius for quite some time now and Opera, I believe, has also started to supported it. Then there's SVG which the others have supported for a very long time now.

This is no different than when IE8 was released and IE finally supported CSS 2.1 when all the other browser vendors had.

Webkit, specifically Safari, has been leading the way in CSS innovation & Javascript performance with each release with Chrome slightly behind. Firefox & Opera seem to be battling it out for third place and IE, of course is always an entire generation behind.

Comment Most Workplaces Block YouTube (Score 1) 282

Most companies I've worked at block access to YouTube so there really isn't much incentive to convert companies from IE6 to something else. Some of the other Google apps may have more of an effect on this though. I feel that most IE users only upgrade their personal PCs when they buy a new computer so it's only a matter of time until we have all of those updated as most of the computers in the last several years probably haven't come with IE6 installed.

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