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Comment Re:Why Ipad? (Score 1) 237

When you've been asked an unexpected question and are quickly flicking through a document trying to find the relevant section you really do need a faster update than current generation e-ink will offer, something either the iPad or a bundle of printed notes manages.

I'm not saying e-ink won't reach the point where it'd be suitable, I'm sure it will, but it's not there yet and trying to adapt a technology before it's usable for a given situation is a good way to guarantee that it'll quickly be scrapped and unlikely to be reconsidered in future.

Comment Re:a toaster oven (Score 1) 142

The 5xx series has been moderately well-behaved on the power-usage, but other fairly recent generations have not been so kind. The GTX480 could pull 450W and the GTX295 would happily use 487W (Stats from Tom's Hardware), and from that I'd say that a ballpark of 500W is fair enough, after all the 6xx series could well be very different from the 5xx series and so again have increased power usage.

Comment Re:I wish... (Score 1) 88

The iPad's not exactly a pocket sized device either though and whilst it may be thinner than a netbook it's certainly not as luggable, the extra care needed to not shatter that screen would be a serious pain in a lot of environments.

Comment Re:Lovely. (Score 1) 276

Yes, "Puzzle Agent" was incompatible with the GeForce 460 graphics card despite having it listed under the supported hardware. It was a known issue but I don't search the internet looking for that kind of potential issue before buying a game. Complained to Steam, got an apology and a refund.

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