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Comment Re:Let the patent war begin (Score 1) 186

There are OS projects that are not clones of existing systems, but they never gain any traction because the applications are just not there. The whole point of ReactOS is to come up with something that will allow the use of a big chunk of existing applications.

The only chance of getting a new OS off the ground is to start it on a new type of platform, and even that is dicey at best. WebOS hasn't exactly taken off.

Comment Re:Who is the audience? (Score 1) 349

People keep saying this kind of thing. I remember predictions of the failure of the ipod too. And Ken Olsen from DEC said in 1977 "there is no reason for any individual to have a computer at his home."

Smart companies are going to dig into this kind of r&d to help meet the needs that we can't predict from where we are. If all a company does is make things that are obviously necessary or immediate successes, then we don't really make much progress.

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