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Comment Re:Who is the audience? (Score 1) 349

People keep saying this kind of thing. I remember predictions of the failure of the ipod too. And Ken Olsen from DEC said in 1977 "there is no reason for any individual to have a computer at his home."

Smart companies are going to dig into this kind of r&d to help meet the needs that we can't predict from where we are. If all a company does is make things that are obviously necessary or immediate successes, then we don't really make much progress.

Comment Variations in time rather than decay? (Score 2, Interesting) 95

Could it be that there are local variations in time during the original solar flare observations rather than fluctuations in the actual decay rate, and that it is not related to neutrinos from the flare but from some other gravitational changes coupled with flares?

I know, my ignorance is showing. Sorry. IANASH (I am not a stephen hawking)

Comment Re:The Pirate Party probably was a one-hit wonder (Score 1) 210

Frustrating. I've found that if I post something that's only two words, some doofus is only going to read one of them and post a smarmy comment about how dumb I am. If I respond and point out the second word, yet another doofus is going to read only the second word and tell me how I'm wrong about that one.

Even worse is that I find myself doing the same damn thing to others. Damn you slashdot!

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