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Comment Re:I suspect... (Score 2, Informative) 187

Heck, even trains, the one kind of vehicle that could drive itself completely safely today, are still manned by "drivers" who spend their time pushing a button to tell the computer they're still alive, because passengers would be scared without drivers and unions prevent their removal from the trains.

Well except in at least Copenhagen, Denmark, where our metro is without in-train operators. As far as I know there is no union for the operating computers, as they have yet to gain sentience.

Comment Re:As opposed to... what? (Score 1) 200

I do realise you're being sarcastic, but whereas "scary" and "inconsistent" are valid adjectives to associate with the continent Europe depending on what your opinion is, "nanny-state" isn't because Europe isn't a state, it's a continent, and furthermore The European Commission is a political body within the European Union, which is not the same as the continent Europe. Just the same way as [North] America isn't the same as the United States of America.

Comment Re:Didn't I see this in "Deus Ex"? (Score 1) 658

By lowering taxes for corporations or by keeping the loop holes open, yes. But how about enforcing tax rules to make the corporations pay their contribution like they should? That way you could in fact weaken corporations and strengthen the state, spend the extra money on better health care, infra structure or w/e you would otherwise complain about not working well enough in the public sector. I don't see how taxes in themselves help corporations...

Comment Re:Bubby? Is that you? (Score 1) 859

I think every single member of society has a right to know the past criminal history of someone they're in any kind of relationship with. This is completely different from saying someone shouldn't be allowed to re-enter society, but the fact that may people have a hard time getting better than a minimum wage job after committing murder isn't something I feel bad about.

I think such a requirement is quite outrageous. But it does make me think of yet another application of the "project a tag cloud onto the person in front of you" feature seen in Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense (at around 7:00).

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