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Comment Forget the Race Issue Here (Score 5, Insightful) 1078

I do think the race issue is worth discussing. As well as the gender issue.

But there's something more fundamental and less likely to stoke passions at play here:

DOING SCIENCE IS ABOUT MAKING MISTAKES. Her "punishment" should be to write a paper on what she was trying to do and why the results were not what she expected. Simple, end of story.

There should be no real punishment of any kind, much less the over the top expulsion and arrest.

The simple fact is that she should be encouraged to make mistakes, not punished for them. And the most basic problem we are dealing with is that our school systems don't understand this fact.

Comment Author Woke Up in 2000 (Score 1) 738

This was true about 10 years ago, but now we exist in a tech world in which there are way more jobs than people to do them. If all you are doing is low-level gofer programmer and you're 40, yes, you are in a dead end job. But if you have managed to amass technology experience that matches your age, you are extraordinarily valuable.


Submission + - The AWS Outage: The Cloud's Shining Moment (

smack.addict writes: Most of the takes on the AWS outage have been about the negative impact it's had on AWS customers and cloud computing as a whole. While the real impact on customers and the social web are real, the truth is that this incident illustrates the value cloud computing provides, not its downside.

Comment Re:Not surprising.... (Score 3, Insightful) 490

What a lovely little world you live in. It's one in which people who don't agree with you don't "want a good product".

I use an iPhone and continue to use it because it is a better product for my needs than the Android. I'm not being a doofus like you and claiming that the iPhone is a better phone for your needs.

It would seem that the only honest conclusion is that, of the survey population, more iPhone users than Android users believe that the iPhone best meets their needs and will continue to meet their needs.

Submission + - The Cloud Computing Mind Map (

smack.addict writes: The author of Cloud Application Architectures has posted a mind map that helps make sense of the cloud computing space. It breaks down the full cloud stack, provides insight into who the key players are, and what you need to know as you embark on a cloud computing project

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