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Comment Re:Looks like no extra energy in batteries (Score 1) 244

Amusing. I actually just discovered that there are third parties that make double capacity
batteries and modified battery covers under the name "high-capacity" or more commonly
"extended". For my phone the prices seemed to be only $10-$20 for the new extended battery
and the free case. Not for sure why I never thought to search for this before.

Comment Re:Looks like no extra energy in batteries (Score 2) 244

I've considered several times trying to modify my phone to take a battery twice as large.
If used heavily, my phone usually dies halfway through the evening which means doubling
the capacity would be more than enough. I don't have a problem plugging my phone in every
evening so I really only need 12-16 hours instead of the 8-10 I currently get but ideally I would
want 40 hours (or a second battery) for the rare occasion I forget to plug it in. Either way, my
phone is plenty thin and I would barely notice the extra thickness of a slightly larger battery
which is easily obtainable with existing technologies. Too bad cellphones don't have battery
options like laptops do.

Comment Re:right-handed, but... (Score 2) 260

I've also discovered the ability to write backwards with my left hand and wonder how common it is.
I can also start in the center of the page with a pencil in each hand and write almost perfect mirror images.
I wouldn't consider myself strongly right handed though as I play pool left handed and bowl equally good
with either hand (but I do notice in bowling that the ball curves in opposite directions as well).

Comment Re:Um... (Score 2) 612

I've never heard anyone use the word gasoline to refer to diesel fuel.
Possibly the word gas as in "I need to go put some gas in my car"
but never the word gasoline. I would think it would be more likely that
someone would confuse the word petrol for diesel than the word
gasoline for diesel.

Comment Re:Qimo is my favorite (Score 1) 55

I was never questioning your english or your proofreading skills. I was
questioning the purpose of being a pedantic grammer nut on slashdot.
If you are in the 99th percentile in english, it might be time for you to
pick up a 2nd or 3rd language or head over to one of the many sites
where people are asking for help learning english.
Or to quote Sheldon's mom: "It's ok to be smarter than everyone else,
it's just not ok to tell everyone". Unsolicited advice is seldom if
ever welcome especially if it is splitting hairs. Knowing when to correct
someone and when to let things slide is a more important skill than
always having the right answer.

Comment try a foreign language (Score 2) 561

I had a roommate who would listen to music in a language he didn't understand when
he studied. It easily blocked out any voices and wasn't distracting as it was in a
different language so there was nothing to grab his attention. Probably more
effective than white-noise or instrumental as it is still the human voice. If you get
really desperate, try multiple streams of foreign voices at the same time.

Comment Re:Qimo is my favorite (Score 1) 55

I also tend to install qimo on top of standard ubuntu for a permanent install.
It's unfortunate that it is possibly unmaintained as it's the only bootable cd
I found that 'just worked' the first time. A bootable cd has the added
advantages that your kid can't screw up your computer settings and it's
also easy to give it away and introduce it to other parents.

Comment Re:Qimo is my favorite (Score 1) 55

Maybe it even teaches them that "a lot" is two words, if that's not too much to hope for.

Dude, you really need to get out more. There is alot more to life than trolling
slashdot looking for pedantic grammer mistakes. I happen to like the word
'alot'. I also like the word 'googled', the word 'slashdotted', and using the
word 'they' as a generic singular pronoun just to name a few. Oh, I've also
been known to use extra parentheses to specify groupings and to avoid
confusion and if I thought about it I could probably think of quite a few other
examples where I take liberty in casual conversation so get over yourself
and if you've mastered english as well as you apparently think you have
then go learn a 2nd language or go proofread something that actually needs
to be proofread like your local newspaper and do me and everyone else on
slashdot a favor and don't attempt to proofread my (or anyone else's) casual
off-the-cuff conversations.

Comment Re:baby bootstrap (Score 1) 435

>Today OCR of printed text is a solved problem.

Are you kidding? OCR software still sucks.
I have yet to get even marginal results from any
piece of OCR software I have tried.
My company would gladly pay thousands of dollars
for a piece of OCR software that would actually
work and companies like google and amazon would
probably gladly give 100s of thousands of dollars
for such a piece of software. Not to mention the
library of congress, project gutenburg, etc...

If you know of a company who has "solved" OCR,
by all means let me know, and if it actually
works, I'll personally give you $100 as a
referral fee.

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