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Comment Re:Recession? (Score 1) 98

My city's library has internet and email classes people can attend for free, as well as large print books and a new children's wing that has indoor trees that kids can sit in and read from with specially aimed lights to help make that work. We don't have all that fancy TV stuff as the one in this story though. We do have a coffee, soup and sandwich shop though!

Comment Re:Big Brother (Score 1) 515

Well, maybe the part that they have to press a key sequence is wrong, but they don't know that - to see if they will follow rules. It probably tracks locations every minute so it can be reviewed later when bracelet is downloaded. In fact, maybe the key sequence is actually to download their data to the school for their data retention.

Comment Re:Ho Hum article. (Score 1) 294

On my work Mac, I have Libreoffice and Neooffice. However, I needed neooffice on my Mac to open old Word Perfect files (WP) because my agency switched to Word several years ago and the older versions of Word did open WP however, recent versions do not and at the time, OpenOffice did not while NeoOffice did. Libreoffice has that functionality though, so now NeoOffice is redundant. Ps. Printing is fine with my Libreoffice.

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