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Comment Re:All worried until... (Score 1) 138

It's the largest Android customer base in the world. They have legal marketplaces provided by the carriers. My understanding is most phones are pre-loaded with MM (Mobile Market). Now if you're an English speaker you've got some problems with the market place, but you could root the phone and download a legit market app from Samsung or other reputable player.

Comment Re:Not entirely surprising (Score 1) 184

Each engine and the APU in the tail have two generators attached, plus there is the RAT for emergencies. By all accounts the batteries are more or less there for consistency between power phases. The APU is supposed to be running during ETOPS segments, so one has to wonder what the power drain on the packs was to begin with. You would think the likely time for an accident would be on the taxiway while stuck for a long departure wait. I could see some engine stop and starts happening that might create the conditions for excess loads.

Comment Re:frosty piss (Score 1) 444

AJ English is more European than anything else. They've had a lot of ex-BBC, ITV and CBC folks there. Despite what is portrayed in the media they've never shown a beheading in either English/Non-English network, nor sign off with "death to America". But it's not all sunshine and lollipops either. Several editors have left over the years claiming pressure to present certain talking points and POVs that are contrary to the facts on the ground. More or less that there is no editorial independence. This is very much akin to the criticism FOX News received when they started pushing the national news brand down to the local stations.

Comment Already Studied for a Half Decade (Score 1) 375

Minnesota did extensive E-15 and E-20 studies that completed back in 2008. They didn't find a many problems, which is why the EPA passed the waivers without much fanfare. It's been lawful to sell E15-E20 in MN for some time. Here's the thing though, there's no reason to make a big deal out of the blends. Ethanol can be blended at the pump. Give consumers the choice on how much they want and how much they want to pay.

Comment Re:What a nonsense (Score 3, Interesting) 179

True, but it's a daily problem for ATC in some parts of the world. North Korea jams GPS around ICN on a regular basis. Even EWR had a GPS issue for some time. They figured a trucker was using a GPS jammer to block the logger on the truck. Every time the truck would drive near the airport it would create a hassle.

Comment Re:A bucket brigade of Diesel fuel? (Score 1) 130

You can't pump 17 stories from the top, that's physics. It has to be pumped from the bottom. The basement was flooded, the pump was swamped. What other contingency do you think they should have made. These guys were hardly alone in having fuel and pumps in the basement that swamped.

You could go the route of having fuel and generators on the third floor. That's usually not an option unless you own the building as no land lord wants generators and fuel in the middle of the building.

Comment Read the Bill First (Score 2) 268

The legislation in question requires states to create a simple sales tax compact. This means all the merchant needs to know is the state to ship to. They don't have to worry about city, county, special tax zones and all the other stuff that brick and mortar operations have to comply with.

Second, the legislation only applies to companies with large sales volumes online. It's not going to apply to some guy selling stuff on ebay.

Finally, I don't see the accounting nightmare. Most shopping carts are designed to accept a sales tax table. Run a couple reports, cut some checks. If you're big enough for this law to apply, you're big enough to have a staff accountant.

Comment Infection Method - Well it's not... (Score 5, Informative) 172

If you dig into the articles to some of the raw analysis you'll discover two things.

1) "It remains an open question regarding how the attackers have gained the root privileges to install the rootkit. However, considering the code quality, a custom privilege escalation exploit seems very unlikely." So it unlikely that they gained root with something new, but it was a web site that was hacked, so the likely vector is something related to what the site it was running. PHP, WordPress, DB Injection, and Apache exploits.

2) "Based on the Tools, Techniques, and Procedures employed and some background information we cannot publicly disclose, a Russia-based attacker is likely."

Comment People Are Hyped - Try to Buy One! (Score 2) 188

Hyped? Pre-sales sold out a month ago. I don't know how much more hype people expected there to be?!? The Amazon and ebay 3rd party sales are already looking to be gouging people by $50-100.

The other interesting bit here is the sale at a loss. If it's less than 10% than the loss will be made up by the the change in value of the yen versus the dollar over the next few months. Add to that manufacturing cost cutting and it will be to profit far faster than the PS3 or XBox.

Comment Re:Looks like the AG actually read the law (Score 1) 817

It's a States Rights issue. The United States sends observers to elections around the world. The OSCE's argument is the Federal Government has existing agreements that allow the observers in polling places and no individual State has the authority to revoke international agreements the Federal Government has entered into.

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