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Comment Re:Astounding! (Score 2) 141

It is long time past my wave theory classes, but I believe you are right. The proof of speed change in different mediums was (as far as I can remember) based on wave model not on particle model and it is a general proof, that, it is applicable to light and other wave forms..

Comment Re:Then why did Apple (Score 1) 373

Assuming that you have complete control on the OS in question (assumption based on your definite guarantee that my data is safe in my phone, forever), can you please explain why such data I have not asked to be stored in the first place stored there. I fortunately have nothing to hide from my wife and boss, but I really would not like to see our competitors to access my meeting times and locations. I am in progress of switching to a safer smartphone, so I am not objective at the moment. However I really do not need to be objective in such a BS smelling situation

Comment Re:the video claims Israeli involvement (Score 2) 334

Israel already has an established software industry without aid from the US.

Most people (in SW industry) I know from Israel have their background in Silicon Valley and most companies have their background on people who met while working in States. Again most (if not all) do not have USA governmental support, but US private sector had lost lots of brilliant people to Israel software industry. While this is true for some other countries as well, I guess Israel has a bigger percentage when normalized in population etc.

Comment Re:RegEx? (Score 1) 592

Yes, now we have m4... I always wonder why they did not give up at m1, m2 or m3.... Nowadays people are obsessed with "what" the system should do, they do not care about "how". So if something unpredictable happens they try to solve it by rebooting....

Comment Re:Your sig (Score 2) 345

I can't speak to the financial end of it, but I can tell you that despite my karma being "bad" for almost my entire stay, here, I have the checkbox. So, yeah, that's weird.

Can it be caused by the fact that contribution is giving comments, making posts etc. and karma is the evaluation of some random moderator about your "contribution". Take a discussion about apple vs. linux. Depending on the day and the phase of the moon, you would end up either at -1 or +5 if you have anything of value in your post.


Submission + - New TSA Screenings Could Lead To More Deaths (

FleaPlus writes: According to transportation economists studying the issue, the TSA's new whole-body imaging techniques and enhanced pat-downs are likely to cause more people to use road transportation as an alternative to flying, which in turn may lead to more American deaths due to road travel being much more dangerous by the mile than air travel. This is in addition to the 1 in 30 million risk of getting cancer from one of the new scans, a risk roughly equivalent to the probability of one's plane being blown up by a terrorist.

Submission + - RFID, Radio frequency Identification and Detection (

An anonymous reader writes: RFID is a tracking technology used to identify and authenticate tags that are applied to any product, individual or animal. Radio frequency Identification and Detection is a general term used for technologies that make use of radio waves in order to identify objects and people.

Submission + - City Torrent: The Human BitTorrent Project

Broffe writes: Hello, I am a University student attempting to raise awareness about BitTorrent regulation.

We are four undergraduate students from the University of Guelph-Humber, in the Media Studies program. We want to help people understand why BitTorrent is so important. We are at a critical juncture for the internet, and the way we treat this issue will have a huge effect on the future of the internet. We have created a social experiment called City Torrent to raise awareness about an issue with a heavy stake in net neutrality and the freedom of the internet as a whole. Our experiment is a human BitTorrent in Toronto, Ontario. We placed books which explain how torrents work, what the regulation debate is, and a location in another part of the city to deliver the book to. In doing so we are asking people to anonymously share this information from person to person and move the book as close as they can to the target. By the end of the journey, this information will have worked much like a torrent on the internet, sharing information through the efforts of multiple people to spread things more efficiently.

Internet service providers are attempting to curtail the usage of BitTorrent programs in the name of piracy prevention. This means of open source data transfer has the ability for so much more than piracy such as allowing for easier distribution of legally downloaded games and the easy spread of large patches for many applications. However, we believe that without the knowledge of such regulatory changes the public may allow the destruction of this medium without any quarrel. We now turn to you, to help us in one portion of this plan, and that is to help spread the word of this project, and of the issues regarding BitTorrent regulation to your audience. Without a shared awareness of this battle, apathy may prevail.

For more information check out or Look for City Torrent 2010 on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for your time.

Submission + - Software error botches over 5,000 breast x-rays ( 1

destinyland writes: A major software glitch hit the Australian government's screening program for breast cancer. For 18 days, the software mismatched every X-ray to the wrong patient, and 5,339 patients were erroneously contacted with the results of somebody else's mammogram. "I want to reassure all women that there is no issue with their mammography itself," announced the program's director, "nor with the images taken, each of which is correctly named." But their correcting review of all the mammogram results won't be completed until Christmas, so "as always, we strongly advise any woman who has symptoms to visit their general practitioner as soon as possible."

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