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Comment Re:Who is the author, and what has he done? (Score 1) 487

I do not think the Author is a complete poseur, so asking him to leave the hall would not be 100% correct solution. He seemed to have some project management experience. However there is a problem with him that I cannot put my finger on (or an appropriate place). No programmer in his right (or left one for that matter) mind can believe that a "programming test" during an interview would provide any meaningful indicator about a coder's abilities. Maybe you can ask the difference between SET versus SELECT and INSERT, but the answer would show the philosophical position of candidate at best. He can say that SET is a three letter command and others are six letter (thus inefficient :) ) commands, that there is a need for a four letter command in between.... He would be right. He can talk about the differences between utilization of read and write pipes amongst those commands and he would be right again. If I were to answer I would talk about offloading some CPU tasks from application server to database server and I would be right too. However a programming test, to see if a programmer can code, especially if you are looking for a possible "cowboy" (which is more suitable to the case than "rock star" I assume) is absurd. It is like claiming that there are already people in staff who can evaluate the code from such people... It would be more likely a case of "You are not expected to understand this", if candidate is really a good programmer. My Assembly instructor used to tell us that "no good programmer can understand their code after a year"...

Comment Re:that smell of 3M 5" disk (Score 1) 204

Just when I was thinking that I am really old. I always wondered that if it was a natural (!) odor of components, or if it is an intentional addition to the box. That smell was the smell of joy and despair, as in the anticipation of a new game, and suspicion of a problem happened during the (naturally illegal) copy process...

Comment Re:Bacula is your friend (Score 1) 405

:) Producer of the unnamed toy OS, used to supply a toolkit free of charge (probably as an oversight) that provides UNIX utilities. I guess it was the part of their attempt to be POSIX compatible, back then. I fortunately am not with the company anymore, whose general manager believed that any UNIX jockey must be able to run M$ products as well, thus I lost track of the current status of tool box I mentioned....

Comment Re:DaisyChain (Score 1) 405

.................... Most disappointing was Drobo's support- they just seemed to shrug a lot, and were hyper-agressive about closing trouble tickets.

You know, this is what I hate most about some tech support organisations. Some idiot in the support team managment with an engineering degree and a MBA on top of that, with no field experience, sets some aggressive KPIs for support jockeys. They try to meet their quota. For the first six-nine months he would have a very happy upper management. Then customer complaints reach upper managment via sales, in the form of customer threats for moving away the business. Upper magament fires support manager. KPI stays there, as they cannot believe a customer would prefer slower service, if it means quality -remembe those guys were the ones assigned MBA holder for support management at the first place-. Company would eventually fail.... Management by objectives my ass.....


Submission + - If Apple's Mac UI Came From Xerox, iPhone Came From Sony? (

sfcrazy writes: Same story again, only this time the concept of iPhone was not born at Xerox but at Sony. Can someone think of how Apple was born? It was the UI which made Mac a popular house-hold name. The UI was born at Xerox and not at Apple, pretty much the same way iPhone concept was born at Sony and not Apple.

Submission + - Jelly Bean's interface smoothness caught on high-speed camera (

crookedvulture writes: "Much has been made of Project Butter, the interface responsiveness improvements built into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google tweaked the OS to better sync up with the 60Hz refresh rate of typical displays. It also implemented triple buffering to ensure smooth frame delivery. Critics have lauded the results, which this Nexus 7 review captures on a high-speed camera. The Nexus' UI is clearly much smoother than tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich. Google seems to be addressing one of Android's biggest weaknesses versus iOS."

Submission + - How Much Is Too Much Detail for Games? (

jones_supa writes: Gamasutra's editor Eric Schwarz gives a thought at the constantly increasing amount of graphical detail in computer games. He notes how the cues leading the player can be hindered too much if they drown in the surroundings, making it harder for the game to hint whether the player making progress. Consistent visual language helps to categorize various objects, making their meaning more obvious. Paths through the game world can be difficult to read simply due to dense vegetation. For some cases "obfuscation through detail" can also actually work really well. Schwarz challenges to ponder how the amount of detail makes a game either more or less enjoyable.

Submission + - Legal way to make money online?

An anonymous reader writes: I'm a citizen of a Third World country. Because of health reasons, I resigned recently from my job at a local contact center, so I'm now looking for some means of support. Some friends have suggested I try signing up for an online job, but the only jobs I've found thus far involve either tedious data processing or taking part in some legally dubious scheme.

My needs are probably modest by Slashdot standards. Earning $500 a month should be enough for me to maintain my comfortable middle-class lifestyle. So can anyone suggest an online job that pays out that amount but neither aggravates my RSI nor attracts the unwanted atttention of the FBI or Interpol?

Submission + - The C-64 turns 30. (

will_die writes: "The Commodore 64 came out 30 years ago and to celebrate this the BBC went and got two groups of kids to try out an old system, complete with tape drive.
Sure to bring a few grins to people who had one of theses old systems."


Submission + - Raspberry Pi to Get Fully Functional Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ( 1

SmartAboutThings writes: "Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized low cost mini-computer that got so much media attention these days, might be getting a functional Android port real soon. According to a post on their official blog, they have managed to port almost all the basic functions of Android 4.0 on Raspberry Pi, besides Audio Support. This comes after the Raspbian OS has been released for Raspberry Pi, and it promises to be 40% faster. With Android as a viable option, where can tiny computers go?"

Submission + - Adobe Flash Player installer deletes itself (

Jezisheck writes: "I've recently discovered weird behavior of the Flash Player installer from Adobe's site (for Windows). Not only that every time you run it, it sets the update setting to the option that allows Adobe to install updates without asking you, even if you continuously select otherwise, but it also deletes the binary from which it was run! This happens immediately after it's run. So if installation fails for some reason (i.e. the player is in use at the moment) then you have to go and download it again or you have to replicate the installer before running it. As I understand that most users don't need the installer binary when installation is complete, either way, I want to be the master of my OS and I want to delete files on it when I want and the way I want! And also: I believe that even the most retarded PC user knows how to delete a file by himself. Is Adobe looking at users as a bunch of incompetent idiots which they must take care of?"

Comment Re:Denial (Score 1) 230

More importantly, smartphones are expensive. My PC is 300 USD plus several HDDs, my Xperia is 650 USD. When I invest money like this into a device, I want to be sure that I would be able to receive my mail and such as long as the phone is in working order. Also I can pull some strings in my company so I can tell my system management to modify e-mail service if I cannot do what I want thru Outlook and/or one of mail servers I run as a hobby. I do not want to lose almost complete control on my data to a company, which (not if but when) went under would take my data and services with it. A company which is in financial trouble, with a CEO in denial. Also it is a company that is under investigation in several countries, as it denied lawful interception rights of legal authorities, a slow but sure way of suicide where nation states mean business.

Comment Re:How dare they... (Score 1) 356

Apple has every right to limit services they offer to both their customers, and their solution partners/providers. The interesting thing is that, Apple's business practices are still surprising some people after so many years. If the way they conduct their business is a problem, anybody/everybody is free to move away their own business from Apple platform.

I moved away from IOS to Android. I paid 50 bucks for a data recovery program by which I lifted all my SMS and similar data from my Iphone. The data I recovered includes the cache which keeps every location I went since the summer of 2010. Interestingly (for me at the least) 50 USD is more than I paid for programs in I-tunes during a period of four years. I paid something like 750 USD for a Sony Ericsson.

In short I am free from disturbing business practices by paying 800 bucks and have a better phone now. No one is forcing anybody to use Apple products, which has admitedly one of the best designs in market, but with lots of strings attached.

Comment Re:Shopping channels (Score 1) 211

"Here goes your facebook ID, oops so bad, you had a bank account interconnected to it...."

I do not think it can be even sued properly, so many layers between you and the potential attacker... I am in the sector and so many (naive??) developers believe that the platform OS being Unix, mostly Linux, makes the device secure enough. This is due to the fact that most developers are from household appliance backgrounds, not from the jungle called Internet...

Comment Re:motorola enforce? stupid judge just wants easy (Score 2) 272

IANAL: Here (in Turkey) a private entity can neglect to follow required procedures to complete the ruling that grant some king of benefit to them, by not filing the ruling with proper authorities, if the case is a civil law case. For example after a divorce to keep track of alimony payments is the responsibility of receiving party. But this is applicable only to civil cases related to real people.

AFAIK USA is the only country that treats companies as real people. In Turkey and again AFAIK our regulations are compatible with EU rules, if a company neglects to follow up such a rule, responsible managers of said company will face charges of criminal misconduct due to, either neglecting duty for protecting shareholders, or even tax evasion, as such lack of activity would cause a loss to the company hence loss of taxes of government, depending on the mood of prosecutors at the day they were given the file...

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