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Comment True Backup Solution? (Score 1) 680

Given the main idea of this article I am interrested to know is there a standard deffinition or classification of levels of backups?
If not, I propose one.... something to this effect.
Level 0 - No backup, file is stored locally on single machine on single hard drive
Level 1 - File is stored on single machine with RAID
Level 2 - File is stored in original location as well as on single backup drive or thumbdrive (not offsite)
Level 3 - File is stored in its original location, a second storage device such as portable Hard drive, and then a third copy off site

No backup solution can be called a true backup if it does not include an offsite backup and the best offsite backup is one some distance away from where you store the originals. If you leave a copy of the files at your nighbors house and your house burns down then you're okay, but if a tornado blows both your hosues down then your screwed. Get a safe deposite box at the bank or something... Right now I have the original files on my PC, a second copy on an external drive I keep in a fireproof lockbox I update once a month or so, and then a third copy on another external drive I carry from work to home with me from time to time. There is always a possibility that one day when I bring my drive home from work and have all the drives in the same location disaster could strike.

You really need to ask yourself, "how much is my data worth."

Submission + - Microsoft's Takeover

SRM2 writes: Several years ago (late 90's) when a close family member was working for Microsoft he mentioned something to me one day about a plan he had heard about that involved a massive takeover in the digital media market. A takeover that could one day potentially put many video, music, and game rental chains out of business. At the time I didn't see how it could even be possible. "Users will have to rent movies, video games, and music and watch them all on their computer," he said. "They will never have to leave their homes." With the release of the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live users can buy games and videos download them and watch them on their "computers," and with new browser plug-ins like Silverlight trying to compete with Flash and others, I believe I can see a takeover in progress...

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