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Comment Re:Removing IE poses one very significant problem (Score 1) 827

It looks like you are new on the net, http isn't the only protocol!

Besides, you don't need a complete browser to do something like a get command.

This made me curious, so I fired up Windows 7 via VirtualBox. No 'get'. FTP command didn't seem to have info on how to connect, so I just tried ftp After some issues, I realized that this wasn't quite correct. '' seemed to work...well, apart from not being able to do anything.

Comment Re:umm.... (Score 1) 501

ubuntu has a penchant for BREAKING things in the name of usability, and making a gazillion changes to debian so that must be no easy task to maintain. If you are going to use Debian (and thats what Ubuntu mainly is) then use the real one, one that doesn't have huge gaping bugs in things they ship as stable.

I must have missed something. What did Ubuntu break in the name of usability? What huge gaping bug did they ship?

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