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Submission + - 802.11n Should Be Finalized By September (

adeelarshad82 writes: It's probable that the 802.11n standard will finally be approved at a scheduled IEEE meeting this September, ending a contentious round of infighting that has delayed the standard for years. For the 802.11n standard, the standards process has been an agonizingly slow process, dating back almost five years to 2004, when 802.11g held sway. But the standard struggled throughout 2005 and 2006, when members supposedly settled on the TGnSync standard, then formed the Enhanced Wireless Consortium in 2006 to speed the process along. A a draft version of 802.11n was approved in January 2006, prompting the first wave of routers based on the so-called draft-n standard shortly thereafter.

Comment Re:MMS (Score 1) 606

But everyone, including my grandmother, texts and uses MMS.

I wish I could teach my grandmother to text. Every time I see her there's always something wrong with her phone she says.

It always turns out that someone sent her a text and the notification just confuses her, as does the inability to find the SMS menu.

Comment Re:Just waaaaay too lazy! (Score 1) 279

I disagree, I don't believe it makes things any quicker, in fact it slows things down.

The local supermarkets have got entirely self service checkouts, which are almost always slower than going to the cashier for two reasons.

1. Supermarkets don't trust you, all your food gets weighed after scanning which takes much longer than it should.

2. Cashiers have been trained to do their job, and have had hours doing it, so they should be able to do it quicker than you can

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