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Comment Alternate solutions (Score 1) 403

These aren't suggestions for your question, but rather for your situation. (I'm betting you're going to get a lot of these; so I apologize.) 1) When the designer notices the HD slowdown, why doesn't he just go offline for a while? After doing that 5 or 15 times maybe that clown will get the idea. 2) Can the designers make the shared files read-only?

Comment I'm glad they did the NES lock-out chip (Score 1) 520

The Atari 2600 crashed because anyone and his brother could create shitty games, which ended up flooding the market and leaving stores with tons of unsold inventory.

Nintendo's licensing policy that limited publishers to 5 games per year was a wonderful thing, and the lock-out chip was a necessary evil to make that happen. Did crap still come out? Yes, but much less of it.

Sure, Nintendo's done some dirty stuff (the Game Genie litigation was definitely uncool), but the lockout chip is not something I can hold against them given the era and circumstances.

Comment I didn't think the first one was funny... (Score 1) 410

HHGTTG has always been what I thought was my biggest disconnect from geek culture. I read it in college (in '00, probably), and was pretty solidly bored throughout. To me, it was nothing more than a collection of absurdities and non-sequiturs strung into a ungripping narrative. I'd describe it as a trite version of Vonnegut or Heller, but without any of the soul.

I've never really understood the appeal. I won't assert that it sucks, but it sure isn't on my wavelength.

That said, I can't believe they would actually try giving this to another writer. This fanbase is too... fickle? smart? discerning?
The Internet

Submission + - Suburbs against the U(ni)verse

phaedo00 writes: "Ars Technica is reporting on the failure of AT&T's recent attempts at implementing their U-verse technology in Chicago: "It went wrong in spectacular fashion. Fingers were pointed, moratoria were passed, lawsuits were filed, and the FCC was petitioned. AT&T refuses to concede that its new service is a "cable system" with all the regulation that implies under US law, and neither Congress nor the FCC nor the courts have decided one way or that other. That leaves local communities caught between giants.""

Google NASA Partnership Announced 154

eldavojohn writes "Google & NASA announced their partnership today with many benefits. The director of a NASA site said 'Just a few examples are new sensors and materials from collaborations on bio-info-nano convergence, improved analysis of engineering problems, as well as Earth, life and space science discoveries from supercomputing and data mining, and bringing entrepreneurs into the space program.'" Update 23:51 by SM As pointed out by so many readers the GoogleNASA site originally linked was completely bogus.

Submission + - Disney claims ownership of Santa Claus

swimgeek writes: Disney world officials in Florida have told a man resembling Santa Claus to leave the park, as they claimed that Santa Claus was a Disney character. From the article: "How do you tell a little kid, 'No, go away, little kid'," Mr Worley told local television. He said Disney had told him "Santa was considered a Disney character".

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