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Comment Re:Don't see the problem. (Score 2, Interesting) 572

this is (slowly) changing, as more and more people can afford high quality cameras and lenses; while most of them will be just as crappy a photographer as before, some are bound to out-talent (and eventually outnumber) the so-called "pros"

and some of those who are really good are bound to do it as a means of expressing themselves (giving the results away for fame - getting laid being the ultimate purpose :P) rather than as a means to make a$$loads of money (which only happens to a handful of high end photographers, anyway, the rest are left simmering in their own mediocrity and decrying the state of the industry being ruined by those pesky amateurs)

Comment Re:Sorry, but I have to consider the source (Score 1) 842

I'm rather sure that if religious types would keep their religion for themselves and contain their own wackos nobody would have a problem with them.

But when:

  • my kids - if I'll ever manage to have any - will have to study christian orthodox religion in school and learn that if they don't say their prayers they'll get hit by a car - this being in a country that's supposedly secular, mind you
  • the education minister says "we don't want to raise godless robots"
  • a senator says the atheists are dangerous
  • the prime minister is consulting with the head of the church whether to uncriminalise prostitution or not (I'll leave you to guess the result), and about the definition of marriage (ended up with "union between man and woman")
  • some other MPs gather a crowd to protest against a (non-public) lesbians' meeting (I dislike the attention whores' parades, but a private, no-media, event? wtf?) - and they're from the governing party
  • a nation-wide HPV vaccination attempt has failed due to religious wackos spreading FUD
  • religious fundamentalists have monopolised the discution about RFID passports and turned it into "omg they'll brand us with the number 666" crap, so people who have reasonable complaints about this can't get their voice heard any more
  • this year's budget gives money for 806 new churches, 242 schools, 36 hospitals, 37 cultural centres

it starts to become annoying. really annoying.

Comment Re:HTTPS anyone? (Score 1) 197

OK, the source & destination IP will be known by the "bad guys", but everything else is encrypted. The old excuse of "it takes too much CPU" was valid...back in the 1990s, but no longer. C'mon people! HTTPS *everywhere*!

not very likely, taking into account that browsers have been waging war against self-signed/free certificates for a while and the "warnings" are getting worse with every release (I, a geek, had a hard time finding the tiny "add an exception" in Firesloth^H^H^H^H^Hfox 3, and found it impossible to explain over the phone how to do it to someone not so computer literate)

Comment Re:Klein's a Leftist with an agenda, not a journal (Score 1) 358

Communism is the polar opposite of capitalism.
... unless, like a lot of Americans, one equates capitalism with corporatism (a.k.a. oligarchy), which is not that far away from communism: both mean the economical and political power are concentrated in the hands of a small number of people, which dispose of it as they please and can't be held accountable for their actions; in other words, communism is man exploiting man, corporatism (American implementation of capitalism) is the other way around.

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