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Comment Easy fix. (Score 1) 1127

Don't hire any women. Or men. Or only hire eunuchs to be UNIX admins.

Seriously, your question does almost sound like a troll. Either you are suggesting that your team is a bunch of animals, or that this women is apparently a walking complaint waiting to happen. It does turn out to be a fact of life that in general men, and women, talk about things, and in ways that are just not appropriate in mixed company sometimes. Remind your team of this.


Submission + - India Can Be Ubuntu's Impenetrable Fort (

sfcrazy writes: Looking at the market dynamics of India (no service like Netflix or a huge high-end gaming market), Ubuntu makes perfect sense for this emerging economy. Unlike the US, where the delivery of content (such as Netflix) is one of the major hurdles in the adoption of Ubuntu, India doesn’t pose the same challenge because this sub-continent lacks such services.

Submission + - Why There Are Too Many Patents in America (

whitroth writes: "The judge who just dismissed the lawsuit between Apple and Motorola writes a column explaining what he considers to be a resonable use of patents, and unreasonable ones. One of his thoughts would be to require a patent holder to produce the patented item within a certain time, to cut out patent trolls."

Submission + - The Linux security stick you give to your clueless friends ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: With slick marketing, a great sense of humor, and a practical, useful product idea, Texas startup Jumpshot launched its initial public funding round on Kickstarter this week. The long and short of Jumpshot is that it's a USB stick that removes bloatware, adware, spyware, and malware in a package that toddlers and grannies alike would be able to use. When Jumpshot is cleaning the system in the background, the user can stay connected and browse the Web in a Linux-based sandbox.

Comment Re:Probably wrong argument anyway (Score 1) 545

Almost no one pushing for curbs on greenhouse gases mentions that this exhaust is usually coupled with other stuff, like soot, and smoke and whatever toxic chemicals are associated with burning whatever is making the greenhouse gases, and that we all have to breathe air, and that soot, smoke and crap are killing people. Push harder for clean air.

Comment Re:Strategic, tactical, or . . . personal . . . ? (Score 1) 138

You shoot, you jump in a hole. You'll almost certainly survive the immediate blast and radiation effects. Now you're long term survival may have been harmed. But in an alternate timeline where WWIII begins with tactical nukes back in the fifties/sixties and you find yourself on the front lines shooting Davy Crockett at the Russian steamroller. Tomorrow is about as long term as you've got to think about.

Comment Re:I always wondered about aircraft carriers (Score 1) 138

Who knows? These sort of experiments are tremendously costly in terms of cash, lives, and the political aftermath. But the current state of thinking, among those who do that sort of thing for a living. Is that this is not the case. Nor has it been the case for the most part since the aircraft carrier became the staple of US military power projection. Getting missile platforms within range of a carrier battle group, and then getting those missiles (Generally these things are the size a small airplane ) a target lock on the carrier, then those missiles flying to the target (Through a hail of missiles and at the end point-defense gunfire) and getting a hit. Don't forget quite powerful and active ECM, Chaff etc.

So it certainly doesn't seem to be an open and shut case. Now at the start of the war, the "bad guys" may get to start off close the carrier, and maybe they've got visual spotters, or electronic eyes on the target, think about those Soviet trawlers that used to sail around looking at the US navy during the cold war. Maybe that opening day a shot gets lucky. But probably not.

Comment Buy 1 ticket. Not 1 Soda. (Score 1) 301

Then you can save money and say you're using it for dieting. I love to say gambling is a tax on stupidity, but really while spending additional dollars does seem rather well... stupid. Buying a single lottery ticket seems a rather harmless loss of front pocket money once a week, and even if it's a tiny chance of a life changing gigantic windfall?

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