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Comment Re:But copyright IS working (Score 5, Interesting) 314

I think the 'supporting the established players' argument has merits.

As a young country, the US was notorious for ignoring copyrights and patents held in older, countries during its early development. Japan had the same reputation; China is arguably just leaving this phase itself, as they've tightened their IP rules for WIPO purposes in order to more easily access other markets with their products.

It would seem that, for countries and businesses both, there's a threshold they cross where they realise the value of their ideas, if copyrighted, is worth more to them than the cost of paying for the ideas of others.

Comment Re:CS is part of IT (Score 1) 520

Recruiters are fundamentally idle. They try and send your resume to as many companies as they can without actually pissing the companies off by sending irrelevant ones, and they're not interested in spending a lot of time on any given resume or opening to work the matches out. The easiest way, for them, to do this is to try and pigeonhole you, and similarly to try and pigeonhole the job you're applying for.

They serve roughly the same function as a usenet group - one to many broadcasting, with some attempts to maintain the signal-to-noise ratio - and often have the same level of value. However, unlike a usenet group, they would like 20% of your first year's salary as a fee, please.

If you want a job in an area you don't work in, then firstly, do it yourself, not via a recruiter - looking up job ads at companies you'd like to work for, scanning job boards where companies advertise, etc. - and secondly, be speculative - apply for jobs you'd like but don't look like a perfect match for - and develop a tolerance for rejection. (And remember that a direct application doesn't come with that 20% fee. It makes you quite a bit more attractive for small companies...)

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