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Are Browser Games Filling the Same Role As Political Cartoons? 33

Amazon's Game Room Blog is running a piece asking whether modern browser games are coming to occupy the same purpose as political cartoons. The article was inspired by the variety of shoe-tossing games that sprung up after President Bush's recent run-in with an irate Iraqi journalist, as well as the games satirizing aspects of the presidential campaign and candidates. Quoting: "The games are certainly no works of art, but they were not designed to be awe inspiring. They were instead designed to capture the moment, and immortalize it from a particular point of view that people in this particular time can appreciate, or at least recognize. ... just like the satirical editorial comics of our own past, these snippets of code will offer a window into the past, and the individually conceived past moments that it consists of."

Comment Re:Number One! (Score 1) 356

Way off topic, but I have to chime in...

Are you being sarcastic, or are you actually suggesting that your fellow guys should remove their pubic hair in some way? If you think hair is gross and want to mess with that part of your anatomy, that's fine... live and let live. But since this is a site for nerds--mostly male nerds, who stereotypically are not much in tune with the female viewpoint--I feel the need to speak up and warn any guys out there against getting the idea that women prefer hairless genitals. I obviously can't speak for all women, but the only time I've even heard another woman mention pubic hair was to complain about a man's shaved balls. She thought it was disgusting and showed lack of self-respect. If you feel the need to trim, go for it. But leave it basically intact. Just my suggestion.


Submission + - Establishing user identity on free sites.

RPalkovic writes: "I'm in a bit of a predicament. I am an administrator of a smallish online game with free registration. We're running into a problem where users are violating the terms of service by creating and using multiple accounts, but since we do not collect any personal information, nor would we have a way to verify it if we did, we're running into problems enforcing the "one account per user" section of the terms of service.

We've tried tracking IP addresses and letting people know that if they are caught sharing in game transactions with anyone they've shared an IP address with will result in termination of their account. We've also given them a list of anyone who've they've shared an IP address with.

The problem with this method is that several of our players play in internet cafes, or at school, and we've even run into people who live in different countries who end up sharing an IP address because they use the same proxy server.

We tossed around the idea of changing the terms of service to limit players to one account per computer, but that would impact single computer households and would require the installation of an ActiveX control (or similar) to gather an NIC's mac address or somehow generate a unique hash based on the hardware configuration.

We also tossed around the idea of only allowing registration via Major ISP's or pay for e-mail providers, but that hampers those that ONLY play at an internet cafe or school network, as they may not have a non-free e-mail address.

Our main goal is to keep the site free, with a secondary goal of preventing any single user from having more than one account.

Have any other SlashDotters found a creative way to prevent users from having more than one account to an online service without charging a fee for registration, or being forced to verify user identity?"

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