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Comment Re:works in reverse too: (Score 1) 834

women are in fact just as shallow as men: they always choose the taller men, and excuse character shortcomings if the guy is tall

That's interesting, actually. In most US presidential elections, the taller candidate wins. Now, if we break the votes down by the voter's gender, do female voters prefer the taller candidate more, or are both genders equally biased in preferring the taller candidate?

Comment Re:The birth part is silly. (Score 1) 834

If anything the reasons a woman has a baby has nothing to do with her looks and everything to do with her sense of well being, security along with cultural beliefs.

Everything else being equal, a better-looking woman has more chance of securing a more prosperous male, and therefore has a better sense of well being and end up having more kids, no?

Comment Re:take a look at (Score 1) 634

I'll have to respectfully disagree there. Having TA-ed a programming class that used Alice and Python, my experience is that students find 3D a distraction: they spend too much time tweaking their objects' positioning and not enough on actually writing code.

Plus, Alice's lack of physics modeling makes it rather unintuitive to use at times. I'd rather recommend MIT Scratch -- it's 2D, object-oriented, with a visual drag-and-drop approach that makes it really hard to make syntax errors.

Comment Salling MediaSync ... (Score 1) 396

Not sure why Palm does not bundle Salling's <a href="">MediaSync</a>, which allows syncing of multiple smartphones with iTunes (without pretending that the device synced is an iPod).

Maybe they could license a version that only sync the Pre, or pay Salling to create a version that performs fast sync on the Pre but not on other devices (if you download directly from Salling, the free version does basic sync; paying gives you a faster experience).

Comment Re:DX9 vs DX10 / 11 (Score 1) 554

Interesting looking game. How does the gameplay compare to Oolite, which is open-source and cross-platform? Graphically, it looks superior to the default Oolite graphics -- which can be customized, and Oolite uses fixed maps, but it's hard to tell before playing it.

Comment Re:Good riddence (Score 1) 829

F-15 has the radar profile of a barn, and is inferior to the Eurofighter in maneuverability, and worse, the current batch of Russian fighters (Su-30 and derivatives) that are being sold for $30m a pop to anyone with money to buy them.

The only country I can think of still purchasing F-15s is South Korea (custom-made F-15Ks) but the decision was widely believed to be political. And it's not as if North Korea could afford to operate many modern planes; their pilot training is supposed to be barely sufficient due to lack of avgas.

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