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Comment Re:Grand Central? (Score 1) 631

I like that sentiment. My most recent example is a senior programmers codes that was. if( HeavyDBCall() && LightFilteringCall() ) doThis(). A C++/C# programmer that was properly trained would laugh at that. While a VB programmer probably would have no clue. I modified that line to do the light filtering first, so the heavy db only ran when necessary. It left me wanting to ask where that senior programmer learned to code.

Comment Re:Black Isle (Score 1) 452

You get to sub class options at L7 and again at L14. A mage can become a shape shifter. To get this option, I believe you have to convince Morrigan to teach you. Or find a book for sale at one vendor or another, that teaches you. I am my second play through now. Graphics are good, though I have seen a lot of places they could be better. But. It is the story and game play that make this game great. imo

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