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Comment Should have linked to the actual article (Score 5, Informative) 90

Here is the actual article that the submitter should have linked to. It's Linus's post. Instead, the submitter linked to his or her advert site, which is a blog that has ads which hawk their own, non-git source control system, all of which you get to read before you are given the link to Linus's actual post.

Comment WA too (Score 1) 296

Mod parent up. In Washington it is a *felony* to gamble online. Is it because gambling online is a much more serious crime than the misdemeanor of, say, punching a stranger in the face? No, it's because lawmakers want to keep receiving lobby money from the Indian casinos and small poker houses that are the established, profitable businesses already in the state.

Comment Bad idea (Score 4, Insightful) 164

You want legal forms generated by Phil Grognard from his basement? No thanks - I trust Phil (mostly) to write software that doesn't crash all the time, but I don't want him looking out for my legal interests, and I don't particularly believe that he understands, for example, the limits of nondisclosure agreements with regard to pre-existing works in my particular state. Just use the Nolo books. They are inexpensive, far less expensive than 10 minutes of an attorney's time (literally).

Comment Form an LLC. (Score 5, Interesting) 221

Get the Nolo book about how to form an LLC. Read it. Form the LLC. Transfer ownership of the application to the LLC and make sure this is unambiguous. Then have the LLC sell your software. Be sure to use the LLC in a clear and unambiguous fashion. Distribute profits to the members immediately upon receiving them. If a big awful patent challenge occurs and you can't afford to oppose the bad guy, then you can have the LLC declare bankruptcy and the big awful patent owner can't pursue the profits that you have already distributed to the members. Also, lobby your senators and representatives for software patent reform, assuming you live in the US.

Comment Mod parent up (Score 1) 441

Yes. The reporter is stupid and annoying when claiming that the cause of coke on the cash is "well understood" and then proceeds to claim it's from (a) everyone rolling up dollar bills and snorting it, and (b) money changes hands during a drug transaction, "of course". Problems are, (a) dollar bills are probably filthier than coke and everyone knows it; and (b) what, is the coke not in plastic bags? Is the money transported along with loose cocaine rather than being exchanged for cocaine?

Comment Mod parent up (Score 1) 324

You just need to design a lot of games and then your resume becomes the best 3 of them. The language is not very important because once you get the job, you are probably going to have to use some horrible internally-developed scripting language, if we are talking about PC or console games. If it's Web game design you're interested in then just use Flash.

Comment That is overstating it. (Score 1) 165

There's no need to overstate things. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse article would be enhanced with video (and it has had a video clip for a long time). [[Atomic bomb]]. [[Nirvana]]. The [[wing]] article, showing the vortices of air. It's easy to name a hundred articles that would benefit from a video clip right on the page, for the education of the reader.

Obama Taps IBM Open Source Advocate For USPTO 88

langelgjm writes "President Obama has announced his intent to nominate David Kappos, a VP and general counsel at IBM, to head the US Patent and Trademark Office. This move is particularly notable not only because of IBM's much friendlier attitudes towards open source compared with some of their rivals, but also because Kappos himself is open source-friendly: 'We are now the biggest supporters of the open source development project,' explains David. 'Admittedly this policy is not easily reconcilable with our traditional IP strategy, but we are convinced that it is the way to go for the future.' Not just a lawyer, Kappos earned an engineering degree before working in the legal field. Kappos has been described as 'critical of the American approach to patent policy.' Given his background, could this mean a new era for US patent policy?"

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