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Comment Re:TFA: Nobody fired for buying IBM (Score 1) 119

Oh come on, get an IDE*. Typo in BibTeX key? It will jump to the offending line and highlight the error. Multiple passes? It manages the compilation process for you.

* Perhaps should be called IAE -- intergrated authoring environment. Personally I use vim-latex but please don't burn me for not using Emacs.

Comment The article is weak (Score 5, Insightful) 309

It first tried to rebuke the claims of Kodak being not able to innovate, etc, and then discussed "how people today use photos" in the examples of Flickr, Facebook, and such. It concluded with the weak argument of essentially one sentence, that "[It] is hard to see a role for Kodak in all of this." The problem with this reasoning is that exactly the same thing can be said about many of Kodak's competitors. I'm not aware whether Nikon or Canon is doing significantly better in this regard, which is to ease the "sharing and distribution" of photos through the Internet and social networking.

Comment Re:I've already got that... (Score 1) 441

Apart from others, one way to harden the GP's backup is to sign a hash of it using his[1] own GPG key. Not that it counters all attacks but it makes the recovery process safer. If a malware somehow injects itself into the backup image after the image has been generated, the hash changes, but the signed hash cannot be easily spoofed.

[1] Since he's "Livius" not "Livia" I'd think he is a "he" not a "she" :-)

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