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Comment Re:Should have done better (Score 1) 123

HA! I can top that!

In Pakistan, there is this organisation called "Higher Education Commission", which administers our universities; our court asks them to assess the degrees of our, ahem, *elected* politicians, because there was accusation of them being fake. Guess what happens, the politicians try various tactics, and in the end, decided to end the damn commission itself!

The bloody commission that governs our entire higher-educational system!

To speak in American terms, it's like eliminating the entire DMV-system to get out of ticket.

Comment Re:Stone age society develops space age technology (Score 1) 425

The Hell, that's totally different. So they have a Persian-nisation program, even the French( and Quebecois) have French-ification program and regularly ban non french words from the vocabulary. like banning "email" and insisting it be called "courriel".

But just like the average Pierre on the web doesn't give a fuck what Academie francaise says, no one in iran will give a hoot about what to call pizza. You are making a mountain out of a molehill, bring non-issues in such discussions.

PS. "elastic loaves" makes sense in persian, since that's a rather awkward translation of much more normal persian words. Heck Elastic is a very bad though literal translation. Taking a guess, based on similarities of our dietary culture, they probably differentiate breads made from refined flour, which you call cake/pastry flour, which makes bread more "elastic" than the non-refined variety. My dad recalls there were like atleast 15 different variety of breads, and the pizza dough probably resemble the bread that is made from the "elastic" flour.

Then the Persian grammar nazi barged in and insisted that it *be* named similar to that bread, as the French probably looked on in approval.

Comment Re:Stone age society develops space age technology (Score 2) 425

And that's different from the U.S. how?

You mean other than the fact that you don't run the risk of having the religious police give you trouble over your beard length, that you don't get locked up in prison for being insufficiently Muslim? That you can still say the word "pizza," which has been banned in that country for being too western? That little details like being sent to prison or even killed for having been raped tend to stand out? Or charming features of Iran's foreign policy such as backing the annihilation of a specific country on religious grounds, or the steady support of some of the worst medieval-minded terrorist groups in the world because they are such?

Never mind your completely spurious and disingenuous comparison of the school systems, or the fact that you just sitting here talking about it openly would - there - put in at risk of death in prison.

Woops! Here I am feeding a troll. Never mind.

I am sorry, but WHAT THE FUCK?

My dad was was posted in Tehran for two years, and and he regularly ate pizza like once a month. I would take you seriously if you weren't spouting such craziness. I mean, where did you *even* get this sort of silly ideas from?

Also beard length and and the insufficiently muslim thing(what does it even mean, anyways?) is Taliban-run Afghanistan, My dad recalls that plenty of men were clean shaven in Tehran, and he had no trouble buying razors.

Seriously people, Iran is not North Korea; heck not every third-world country is the same variety shitness, there is a gradient.

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